Support & FAQ is new, but it's perfectly easy, explains itself therefore no need for a users guide.

Frequently asked questions

Who is is a dailytools GmbH product with which you can, free of charge, download and use a wide variety of software programmes. Joosoft was developed in Switzerland in 2007 and is loved in the German speaking world.

What are the advantages of

It's quick, simple to use, up-to-date and safe. You may participate while you have an active part in the procedures. All steps you need to take are clearly explained.

What does cost me

Nothing. is free. Downloading doesn't cost you anything. However should you use a sharing-version after the testing date has expired a fee is required. This charge is between you and the other producer... not Joosoft.

What are the catagories

A choice of 12. All are listed in the category-box under "Discover Joosoft".


What is Freeware?

Freeware is software that you may use free of charge, simply no costs involved.

Shareware... what is that?

Usage by lending within a certain period of time. A test can be made free of charge before purchasing, usually these services within a said time limit can be used free of charge.

What is a Demo Version?

Like it's name it's a Demo and is limited to commercial usage. Such are available when the final version comes along.

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