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  • Windows 1.51

With ZSNES you can run all the old console games at any time on your computer.



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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


Did you sell your old console and missing the game classics from days past? Maybe you care too, how you played earlier and which concepts at the beginning of the video game era were "in"? Or you wish to receive just access to a huge archive of game that can keep you busy for hours? Then you should not long hesitate and try out the emulator ZSNES. He emulates the old game console in inimitable way and brings back the game hits once in fantastic new graphics quality. You need no special computer, each unit is suitable to run ZSNES. The emulation of the games takes place at high speed, and is healthy. You will experience the old games just like you remembered. Or you use the possibilities of your modern computer and set a higher resolution than your console ever given them. The possibilities with ZSNES are virtually unlimited and be able to take up for you. Download your own version of the console emulator you right here.

ZSNES offers you many advantages, which you can't find in on the original equipment. So it is possible, for example, regardless of the memory function that is built into the game to save your game progress. So, you can quickly save in sticky situations and immediately resume the game. ZSNES offers all possibilities.

You can manage a large game archive with ZSNES directly on your hard drive. You need to insert any more media and can switch with ZSNES easily between each application. So much comfort can offer no original console. The emulator also offers a high compatibility with all your hardware and any software that is released for the console.

Other features of ZSNES:

• Controller support
• Also allotted screen possible
• Online compatibility list
• Various hacks possible
• Detects cheat codes
• Less than 1MB

The developers of ZSNES

The emulator ZSNES is developed by independent programmers, who distributes the software under a free license. Anyone can most the great project of ZSNES write and contribute its part to improve the program. ZSNES is represented since 2006 on the market of the emulators and runs on all Windows operating systems (Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7).

Description of the version: ZSNES

You can play the ROMs of your favorite SNES games on your computer or laptop on almost any operating system with the latest version of the ZSNES emulator. The high-fidelity playback of all your games is not a problem. Fixed errors that occurred in some games. You can control the games via the keyboard or use a joypad, you configure the ZNES emulator and set.

The innovations of the ZSNES emulator in version 1.51

• 224 Screen lines are emulated and reproduced, as earlier on national television.
• The film menu has tabs and displays the options only if they are available.
• Input profiles for different game ROMs is now possible.

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