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ZoomIt is more than convenient: now can highlight important details at lightning speed.



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With ZoomIt, you can highlight any area of your desktop by using a magnifying glass. You want to easily mark individual portions of presentations with the mouse pointer? With ZoomIt, you can zoom, Center, circle, and underline. It's simple.

Free desktop tool, with which you can access with a magnifying glass on your desktop. If you like to pick out details during presentations and want in the presentation "to paint", ZoomIt is perfect for you. About an individual keyboard shortcut, you can zoom in the opened window and the mouse - like with a pencil - mark individual items. On the first call of the program a configuration dialog you that displays allows you to set alternative hotkeys for the zooming and drawing mode without zooming. User-defined the drawing pen, the color and the size be set. Some use a "draw zooming without", to achieve that the screen is moved to its normal resolution.

After ZoomIt is activated by keyboard shortcut, can you zoom by turning the scroll wheel of your mouse the window open. The section on the mouse pointer is directed, is automatically centred. By pressing the left mouse button, ZoomIt turns the mouse into a pen. Now, you can highlight individual snippets of the screen or encircle, and thus easily select objects, folders, or icons. The less than 50 KB small free utility you can easily start from the tray bar. You will be certainly impressed by the effects of ZoomIt. Especially with presentations on the PC, the little Lupe proves to be extremely useful. So can you at her highlight elements to draw the attention of your audience it and also the viewers later can watch your presentation well.

Description of the version: ZoomIt

The version 4.1 offers you the possibility to change the size of your screen content even easier. The functions can be controlled both the keyboard and the mouse wheel. For the marking of individual areas is a practical drawing function available with which you can freely draw on your screen. The third function is the timer. A countdown shows how to count the period of time defined by you to zero back. The app is always in the background. You can just call each of the settings on the taskbar.

Features of the new version 4.0 - the microscope with drawing function:

• Magnifying glass with drawing function on desktop
• the mouse wheel as well as the keyboard controlled
draw directly on the screen
• defined time is counted down to zero

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