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Zoom Player standard is a software player that allows the zoom in videos.



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Zoom Player Standard

If you use your computer for playback of video media, you'll need a powerful player like the Zoom Player standard. Zoom Player standard offers far more features than it suggests his size.

Whether on your PC, your laptop, tablet or Smartphone: today, you simply need a powerful media player with which you can easily play a large number of different media. If you have not found the right player for this task, you should be sure the viewing Zoom Player standard. It is a tiny little program with a huge range of functions. The zoom offers player standard you everything you need to play your favorite media on different devices. You should not stop you with players, which do not recognize certain formats or are cumbersome to use. With the Zoom Player standard, you have all features in a software you need for comfortable, completely hassle-free playback of media. You should also try out just once this useful little tool for your computer!

A special feature of the zoom is player standard, you can zoom in the videos. Hereby the player differs significantly from other programs of its kind. The image size can be optimise and improve the image quality by zooming. Also, you have the opportunity to select from a large number of skins, which you can use to change the design of the player with this player.

The development of the Zoom Player standard
For the development of responsible player standard zoom the programmers of virtual media. The company is headquartered in Israel and developed a slew of other software projects in addition to the Zoom Player standard.

Description of the version: Zoom Player Standard

Zoom Player standard 5.02 new version gives you even more options when it comes to playing media on your computer equipment. In particular, the media library interface has been revised and now offers an even clearer representation of the existing media on your computer. Thus it should be easier still friends and newcomers in the program, to browse using categories through the videos in your database on the hard disk and to find the right video.

The new features of Zoom Player standard 5.02

• Complete review of the media library interface
• Videos can now be sorted according to different categories
• New system for the installation of different skins

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