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Zoner PhotoStudio free is a free graphics - editing program.



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Zoner PhotoStudio Free

Zoner PhotoStudio free offers the user many functions of the known purchase version of Zoner PhotoStudio. Digital images can be easily managed and edited and published on the Internet.

Zoner PhotoStudio free offers you the possibility to be able to manage your digital images on a concise and clearly structured surface - you can easily organize your photos in Zoner PhotoStudio, browse and edit of course. Zoner PhotoStudio free was released finally in German language and offers you numerous features of the paid version.

With the "Quick Fix" feature, you can automatically improve your images with just one click. Through the integrated Viewer with slideshow function you can quickly see through your footage. The editor offers some of the most used tools for image editing, so that you can improve your images on the fly and without many clicks. Also, some filters available are friends. An outstanding new feature is the ability to design your own images in 3-d. Then, the finished 3-D artwork can be viewed with a standard 3-D glasses to enjoy the special effect.

Zoner PhotoStudio free gives you the opportunity to create several pictures of panoramic photos or to create individual calendar sheets. "Publish" feature, you can easily publish your pictures on the Internet or share them with friends and family. Also the images on the pages of social networks such as ­Facebook or ­Flickr is with Zoner PhotoStudio free child's play: with the built-in Uploader you can upload your images without much effort on your page or in the Web photo album. Zoner PhotoStudio free there free simply for us to download - click "Download" and get started!

Description of the version: Zoner PhotoStudio Free

Zoner PhotoStudio free is available now for the first time in the German version: the freeware program for those who want to manage their images easily and perform minor image corrections in no time. Zoner PhotoStudio free offers a cutting-edge feature, with which the user in his circle of friends and family can sure score with the option to be able to create 3D images, even with just a few clicks of the mouse. BB´s is also a built-in Uploader to Flickr and Facebook, the pictures can be used online in no time.

Zoner PhotoStudio free - features

• Easy to create 3-D images
• Uploader for Flickr and Facebook - fast upload new images
• Quick-fix: improve images with just one click
• Various image editing tools

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