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Zone Alarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm free firewall is a free personal firewall, which is world's most widely used on private computers. It offers an immediate and comprehensive protection against attacks from the World Wide Web, as soon as you have installed it on your computer. Even though it's a free software, you need to have no fear of annoying advertising banners or permanent pop ups that urge you to buy the commercial version (ZoneAlarm Pro). ZoneAlarm free firewall provides you a good protection and without advertising.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall lets you protect your PC against worms, hackers and other attacks from the network and thus carelessly surf the Internet. This safe is not just surfing the Internet: the personal firewall offers protection in the local network. Free firewall ZoneAlarm is used today by millions of users. In case of a current attack on the net, this data is transferred in real time and enabling a fast response. ZoneAlarm free firewall controls traffic, which from the outside on the PC be, and can also prevent this, if it is necessary.

ZoneAlarm free firewall also inhibits the connection setup for backdoors. The software offers a comprehensive anti-phishing protection and warns you for example, if Web pages try to save personal data about you. Even before an identity theft, you're protected with ZoneAlarm free firewall. The computer is protected by ZoneAlarm free firewall before such a fraud and encrypts data accordingly.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall: the most important functions at a glance

• Two-way firewall
• Anti-phishing/site status
• Online backup
• high level of protection when downloading programs
• easy installation
• makes your computer invisible to hackers

Interesting facts about ZoneAlarm free firewall

ZoneAlarm free firewall was by the company Zone Labs, which is headquartered in San Francisco, developed. in 2004, the company was bought by the company checkpoint. In addition to the free software, there is also the product of ZoneAlarm Pro, which is a larger features than ZoneAlarm offers free firewall, but is subject to a charge. Also your email and personal data on the computer are protected with ZoneAlarm Pro. If you want to spend any money, you should install in addition to still an anti virus program. By ZoneAlarm, there is for example a free program: free antivirus.

Description of the version: Zone Alarm Free Firewall

The latest version of zone alarm firewall blocks ensure all common viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and bugs. Bring your firewall up to date! The anti-phishing feature blocks suspicious mail functions and annexes. The OSFirewal function searches through zone alarm firewall new and existing programs and prevents harmful functions. Viruses, Trojans and other malware are blocked immediately after detecting and made harmless. Protect your data and your PC even when downloading.

Current virus and malware protection for your PC!

• New and updated database of viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms and bugs
• Anti-phishing filter
• Current protection for your PC
• Triple download protection
• Safe stop at malware

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