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With compass and Straightedge 9.3 a versatile construction programme is given you.



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Zirkel und Lineal

With the free software compass and Straightedge 9.3 you can on your computer create geometric figures and simulate. With this program, it is possible easily to change your decorated designs on the computer. You move a starting point of your geometric figure, compass and Straightedge 9.3 recalculated the entire structure. While you work with the virtual compass and Straightedge 9.3, your created character is constantly updated.

Compared to a real compass and Straightedge you can change for example subsequently dynamic colors, sizes, names and styles of the drawn figures with compass and Straightedge 9.3. There are also 9.3 macros that you can abbreviate individual work steps in the construction with compass and Straightedge. With this program you get given the opportunity at hand, with demo sites or tutorials, you can call accordingly to learn the dynamic design on the computer. The use of the virtual geometry program is varied. So the use can occur not only at home, use is possible during the lessons in schools. A completion of exercises or a demonstration of geometric constructions by teachers is also conceivable.

Download now easily and without hassle 9.3 here the program compass and ruler. Click on the download button marked accordingly, and in a few minutes you can use at home compass and Straightedge 9.3 on your computer.

Features on compass and Straightedge 9.3

• Animations
• Local lines
• Macros
• Hyperbolic geometries
• Hide details
• Built-in pull mode

Technical details with compass and Straightedge 9.3

Do you make graphics with compass and Straightedge 9.3, this is not a problem. You can use the following formats with compass and Straightedge 9.3. These are: the encapsulated PostScript (EPS), encapsulated Adobe portable document format (PDF), figure format (FIG), Windows bitmap (BMP), Portable Network Graphics (PNG) and scalable vector graphics (SVG). Especially the SVG format is interesting when using compass and Straightedge 9.3. This is a standard for displaying vector graphics. You are able to change the created vector graphics with SVG interactively. To do this, you press the right mouse button on the corresponding graph or press the ALT key. Then you can pull the graphic with the mouse and, if necessary, change.

Description of the version: Zirkel und Lineal

The current version of Z. u. L. offers you numerous opportunities to learn geometry dynamically with your computer. By dragging points, you can change, for example, constructions with compass and Straightedge. Z. u. L. provides you many geometric primitives (points, straight lines, rays, lines, circles, arcs, angle & v. m.) available and you also integrals, derivatives, and zeros. Z. u. L. runs on all modern operating systems, the software is free and available free of charge.

Information about the program Z. u. L. in version 9.3

• Numerous geometric primitives are available.
• Dynamic geometry
• Numerous display options
• Animation of constructions
• Intuitive interface
• Context sensitive help with linking help topics

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