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With Zelda classic, the popular console game has a worthy successor. Solve difficult quests.



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Zelda Classic

You love Zelda because it is one of the first console games you've ever played? Were you disappointed, as there were no other successor to this absolute classic of game? Then you can't be happy now. Because with Zelda classic there is finally a worthy successor, which again takes up the principle of the console game: solve difficult quests, fight against tough enemies and rescue the Princess. Differently than the original game you can play classic Zelda on your computer. You need a console to not necessarily.

Zelda classic is a Questspiel with different levels. To reach the goal, you must solve perplexing puzzles, put together exciting puzzles, and fight nasty enemies. Numerous different game genres were in Zelda classic unites and prepared for you. You have to show your skill partially even in combined tasks. In this game you can prove what you can really do.

To play Zelda classic, you can just download it. The files are only a few megabytes big so that it takes only a few minutes to download it and play it. You need neither a console nor a powerful PC. Zelda classic is playable on any computer? By the way, there are even a number of updates for this game. Download so even the newest Zelda classic level - for even more fun. You want to make your own Zelda classic level? Then get even the appropriate editor for it.

Zelda classic offers these features:

•More and more freedom of movement by diagonal run
• Z C editor for even more their own level
• Regular publication of new levels
• Also for Mac and Linux
• Playable in two languages
• Exciting quests and challenges

The history of the game:

Zelda classic is the successor of the popular console game. In this nostalgic game, you play the sympathetic hero link that must save the beautiful Princess Zelda. Zelda classic was produced jointly with the company of Armageddon games. The player on the game steadily improved forward already for ten years. 2004, the first actually stable version of Zelda classic came to the public. Here, you could walk just straight, up and down, as was the case with the original game. Also jumps and diagonal running part since this games Renner. The latest version of this absolute games classic can be played not only on the computer, but also on the Mac and on Linux.

Description of the version: Zelda Classic

In the new version of the action-adventure, you also have to free the Princess Zelda from the clutches of the evil Prince of darkness. It is definitely new for this release you can choose before kickoff between the traditional or the improved graphics. A very special highlight in this version is that you can create new missions and quests and also play. Also, additional items and new adventures wait for you.

New features in the version of Zelda classics

• Many new items
• Many new adventures and adversaries
• Selection between traditional create of their own missions and quests
• Choice of traditional and improved graphics

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