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With Zattoo, TV easy, mobile, secure and free. Whether through Web browser or software.



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After successful installation of the software you can watch TV anywhere, anytime using Zattoo on your PC (or even the iPhone, iPad and co.). The software is guaranteed virus-free. For use, no special hardware is needed, so also no TV card. You need only have a current operating system. Zattoo is suitable with Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X and Linux. If you Zattoo via iPhone, iPad or iPod touch use me, you need to install the appropriate app from the homepage and is nothing in the way the mobile television pleasure. After the registration, it is also possible without software easily through the Web browser to watch TV.

Which channels you can receive about Zattoo, depends on the country from which you access Zattoo. This is checked by your IP address. In Germany currently 104 television and radio channels are provided, including the public service, some "third party", various broadcaster like Timm, Sumo TV, the poker channel, sport 1, TV gusto and various international channels such as Al Jazeera English and CNN International. In the program and on the website a guide of all receivable channels is available so that you specifically can't search for broadcasts and inform you, what grade runs.

To finance itself, Zattoo turns during the log-in process and changing channel advertising and receive some channels occasionally animated advertisements will be displayed. This is and remains the use for you as consumers but absolutely free.

Zattoo advantages at a glance:

• Software and use absolutely free
• mobile television on PC, iPhone, iPad, and co.
• over 100 channels available in Germany
• no hidden costs
• simple and fast software
• TV Guide, blog and chat function on the homepage

How it all began, facts and figures

in 2005, Sugih founded JAMin, beat Knecht and Wenjie Wang Zattoo. Shortly before the 2006 World Cup, Zattoo launched its service in the Switzerland. In the meantime, Zattoo is available in six European countries: Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, UK, Spain and France. Zattoo "Red herring", a US business magazine among the best 100 technology companies was elected in 2007 and a year later awarded the innovation prize of the Association of the German Internet industry association. Zattoo now has the broadcasting rights for more than 150 channels and there are over 4 million users registered. And rising.

Description of the version: Zattoo

Zattoo is an American and Swiss co-development. It allows the transmission of television and radio signals over the Internet and was designed for the European area. You can use the program free of charge after one-time registration. The service is run on all computers via a browser with Adobe Flash Player integration and have a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. Both public and private TV channels are free depending on the location.

Free Internet television with Zattoo

• For Windows, Mac and Linux available
• Depending on the location free TV and radio programmes can be received
• Freeware
• Adobe Flash Player support

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