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Z defragRAM optimizes the storage of the files in the memory and deletes file remains.



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Sometimes your computer in rage can take you, if he's working so slowly. This can for example be that too many remnants of files are available in memory, that unnecessarily burden these and storage capacities. With the Z-defragRAM program, you can remove this file remains effectively.

In your memory programs and data are stored to, that you still can retrieve at any time this during a computer session. It relates to commercial data. As you know, other storage media such as E.g. the hard drive perform the same function. The main difference is that all data that exist in memory, is permanently deleted when you turn off the computer. Unless you've backed up previously these data on a storage medium.

If you're working on your computer, you've opened several applications. They need certain system files. Closes the application, then these files continue to work still. You realize that your computer works more slowly. Cause for this is that not always the entire memory is released when you complete an application. Simply remove this Speicherplatzblockierer with Z-defragRAM. You uninstall fragmentierst your computer without rebooting. In addition, you can improve your short-term memory offers Z-defragRAM.

You can start Z-defragRAM either manually or automatically. There are two variants available. You apply the manual form, you start by clicking Disk Defragmenter. The program outsources then rarely needed files and deletes the remaining file segments. The automatic form is more convenient for you. Here you specify just a minimum RAM limit in Z-defragRAM. The memory reaches this minimum, then the defragmentation is started automatically. Another advantage for you is that Z-defragRAM optimizes your short-term memory. To the allocation of the memory is controlled by a function of the program. An optimal memory allocation ensures you a high working speed. Z-defragRAM is a small optimization program for your computer. You'll know sure soon to appreciate the advantages, when you use it. You need then not more to restart your PC, if your memory is overflowing and not more quickly enough.

Description of the version: Z-defragRAM

Z-defragRAM with the freeware you have an optimum tool to clean up your memory. Residues from inactive applications files are removed, the space is optimized, and your computer can work effectively. You can start the tool in this version manually or automatically. An automatic startup, you forgive a minimum memory limit. This is achieved, the defragmentation begins. A restart of the computer is not required. This cleaning action with a click is started manually with the mouse.

Information and system requirements

• Effective cleansing of memory
• Optimizes the allocation of storage capacity in the short-term memory
• Can be started automatically or manually
• Defragmentation without rebooting the system
• Freeware
• Space requirement 2.8 MB

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