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The small tool YoWindow displays the current and upcoming weather in a very special way.



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This small tool shows you what the weather will be. But not just with a small display on the screen. No, the whole screen is used with YoWindow, and it seems that you would see when you look at the monitor out the window.

With YoWindow manufacturers had a great idea, with which their users what is happening outside a bit closer. This free tool displays the current weather is in full screen mode. First, you can choose a background image, and adjust your hometown. The current weather conditions and the temperature will be displayed then accompanied with lots of Nice animations. These include for example flakes of snow, wind, clouds and raindrops and sunshine. Also the changes reflect in the course of the day such as sunrise and sunset times, brightness and darkness in the picture.

Various additional information you can show friends with YoWindow and customize to your needs. As the air pressure, the wind chill temperature and humidity can appear next to the wind speed. And if you want even a second place such as your holiday destination can be Add. Also you can see the weather of the next three days with YoWindow. This is achieved via a timeline at the top of the screen.

In addition to the ability to use the tool in window mode, you can set it as a screen saver. So you're always, how the weather is or will be, if you don't work on the computer longer. In addition, it is possible to own convert images into the program to add and in just a few steps to a YoWindow landscape, which is integrated into the tool, and can display the current weather. How this is done is explained on the website YoWindow friends.

Description of the version: YoWindow

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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