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Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard - a fast-paced game of skill with a high addictive potential.



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Yeti Sports Part 7 Snowboard Freeride

The control in "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" is very simple: with the cursor keys, you control the Yeti on his snowboard on the slopes. As soon as you get a ramp, the Yeti jumps off automatically and you give him the movements. This is when "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" caution, because the optimal number of points there only, if in addition to amazing moves also a good landing you. Optimally in the behavior to be able to feel a, are you at the beginning of "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" three different perspectives to choose from.

When "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" there are three ways to earn points. You can run over the penguins and press so some time dazed in the snow. Additionally annoyed they tear down the slope afterwards but faster. It is also in "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" for successful jumps points. The higher and more complicated your jump, the more points will be credited. But be careful: the landing is the be-all and end-all for "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard". A simple jump with a perfect landing brings more points you at the end as the adventurous acrobatics and a poorly timed setting up.

Last but not least, you get points for the finish line. It you is so you, what strategy in "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" uses for the high score. "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" is a fast-paced mini-game with high addiction potential. Choosing the perfect tactics and the hunt for the high score of "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" are you sure draw for some hours in its spell.

Yeti sports part 7 at a glance

• A fast-paced game of skill with a high addiction factor
• Yeti sports games for free on your computer
• Do by all means against the penguins in the target
• Set up a perfect high-score and compete against the best in the world
• Flash based graphics
• Register online and play against fans worldwide

That is waiting for you in "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard"

After the Arctic games "Pingu Throw", "Orca Slap" and "Seal Bounce" the Yeti "Albatros overload" left first icy climes. His next goals led him to the "Flamingo drive" to Africa and to the "big wave" to Hawaii. In "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard" he swapped the surfboard for snowboard and continues his Penguin Decathlon in the Austrian Alps. Yeti sports at breakneck speed over the Internet spreads since 2004. The game developer then turned its Web presence on a professional design, decided to publish more parts and offered among other things an online high-score list, which led to great popularity and intense competition to the highest points. Especially when you publish directly the server of the game manufacturer were overloaded and the availability of bad. So once again with the introduction of "Yeti sports part 7: Snowboard".

Description of the version: Yeti Sports Part 7 Snowboard Freeride

The current version of Yeti sports brings back the fun with the scraggly Yeti in a new form on your screen. In this version you try you in the snowboard ride, and again you have to do it with penguins. These are either as an obstacle in the way or go down the slopes with friends. You collect points by evasion or pushing off the penguins, spectacular leaps bring extra points.

Features of the current Yeti sports part 7 snowboard freeride

• New edition of the famous Yeti sports series
• Ride down a steep slope with a snowboard
• Dodge obstacles
• Urge penguins on snowboard slopes

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