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"Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" is fun and is ideally suited for small breaks in between.



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Yeti Sports Part 6 Bigwave

In "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" wind up the Yeti of this time to Hawaii. There he proves his skills on the Board as a cool surfer. For the first time in "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" the hairy fellow in the center of the action. Sharp moves with breakneck tricks, it shows up in "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" directly from his athletic side and show everyone who is the number one among surfers.

You have your hero in "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" maneuver on a wobbly Board safely and elegantly through the infamous waves off the coast of Hawaii. To earn points, you need to at "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" as many penguins with your board RAM. They repeatedly popping up out of the water, float a moment in the air and then disappear into the waves. When "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" but also your whole skill is needed, because you must also be sure that your Yeti on the Board makes a good figure. Good posture and cool tricks will bring you lots of extra points.

The control "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" works easily with the arrow keys. During the game, press the Y, a Penguin in the background starts to YODEL and ensures even more fun on the hunt for new high scores. With a bit of practice, you're in "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" then very quickly the champion on the surfboard. Need a file size 2.4 MB "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" little hard drive space and runs under all Windows operating systems from Windows ' 98.

• Freeware
• Skill game
• Language: English
• easy navigation with arrow keys
• little footprint
• runs on Windows operating systems from win ' 98

"Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" in overview

The Yeti sports universe

The Flash game "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" is the sixth of total already ten official parts of the Yeti sports series and was published in September 2004. Each part takes the adventurous Yeti in another corner of the world where he must confront new challenges. In addition, there are various special editions and supplements for the games. On various platforms in the Internet you can with other players by "Yeti sports part 6 trickiest" or the Yeti sports series replace other parts and register high scores. There, you will also find out how you collect more points with even better tricks.

Description of the version: Yeti Sports Part 6 Bigwave

The sixth part of YETISPORTS is the trickiest. This is the famous Yeti on the coast of Hawaii surf. Finally, the waves of Hawaii's are the best. Your task is to RAM the emerging penguins with your surfboard. With a little practice will control the surfboard easily fall friends and you can get up, to achieve high scores.

Features and highlights of the sixth part of trickiest

• Bottom turns and re-entry via the direction keys possible
• Automatic entry into the high-score list
• Many extra points for serious jumps and trapped penguins
• Automatic evaluation of surf art

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