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The program of YamiPod is an absolute must for all fans of the small music players.



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The iPod is your companion throughout the day. This little device gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs. With YamiPod you have now an ideal song Manager. You can hear not only the music, but also sing. The Manager helps you, in which he provides you the lyrics of the songs.

With YamiPod you have now the possibility to copy your songs on the computer. So you can archive these for example, if the storage capacity of your iPod is no longer sufficient. You simply install the program on your iPod. If you then connect it to your computer, you can manage your individual song collection there.

Your iPod as a removable drive on your computer must be set up to ensure the work of YamiPod. You can easily check this in Windows Explorer. Your iPod will be listed. However you can not access to still the song files. That's why you're setting up iPod a special folder on your. As a next step you would like to copy the file YamiPod.exe into the folder and start the program with a double click. Automatically lists you all stored data of the removable media. It may be that the process for the first time takes longer. Have a little patience. The complete song list appears as a reward. It is quite possible that English is set as the language. The changeover to German is a piece of cake for you. Simply click on "Preferences" and the "Other" tab in tools. Here you will find among them the menu "Language". You activate "German" and confirm by clicking on the button "Save". The control menu is in German language.

To download new songs on your iPod, nutzst you simply drag -and-drop function of the mouse. You click on the selected song in Explorer on your computer and drag him through the window of YamiPod to your iPod. Automatically copy the selected songs now. If you have double songs or you don't like them, you can easily delete it. You select with the mouse the appropriate songs, open the context menu with one click, select the function "Clear song" and the songs are automatically removed. Another advantage, the YamiPod offers you is that your iPod will be cleaned up. So the program tracking songs that you have saved twice. This is used by the function "Remove duplicate". Here you have several selection criteria.

Description of the version: YamiPod

YamiPod offers the management of your playlists on your computer in the version 1.8. You are installing the freeware and can pull just new songs on your iPod. To do so, you nutzst the drag -and-drop feature. Deleting superfluous songs works. Another advantage of this version is that you can let your iPod automatically clean up. To do this you will find under the tab "Tools" such as the function "remove duplicate". As search criteria, you can specify the amount of memory, the album or the artist. As a result, a list will be shown you.

About YamiPod in version 1.8:

• optimal management of song lists one iPods
• Tools for the optimization of the songs
• easy handling by using the drag -and-drop functionality
• Freeware
• Disk space: 4.7 MB
• Windows 98SE operating system

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