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Yahoo Messenger

The Yahoo Messenger 10 is one of the instant messengers, i.e., you can send a message to your friend, and your friend can answer you immediately. Also, you can send a message to many friends at the same time in Yahoo Messenger 10. The Yahoo Messenger 10 gives you the option to insert small emoticons in the texts. With the funny little emoticons, your texts will be lively. Insert for example a laughing emoticon, if you're happy, or any winking emoticon, if you say something ironic. Many emoticons are available. For your friends, you can create a list of contacts in Yahoo Messenger 10. In the individual contact cards, it is possible to enter data, such as email, phone number, etc..

In Yahoo Messenger you're an avatar 10 unable to create i.e. a virtual self. The avatar is designed according to your wishes. Different hairstyles, faces, clothes and accessories are made you choose. Also, you can create an avatar for your friends and associate. A special highlight of the Yahoo Messenger 10 is inserting a Messenger world. Messenger worlds animals are offered on topics such as love and friendship, nature. Select a Messenger world and use it as interactive background. You can play backgammon, checkers and billiards with your friends. The Yahoo Messenger 10 offers different games.

If you want to send photos or files in Yahoo Messenger 10 to your friends, you can run this drag-and drop. You can also use the webcam in Yahoo Messenger 10 and chat see your friends in the eyes. Also the phone is possible with the Yahoo Messenger 10. This Yahoo Messenger provides the domestic phone and phone out service available, but associated with costs. The video telephony at the Yahoo Messenger 10 is free of charge. The Messenger is suitable for Win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Features of Yahoo Messenger 10

• Chat
• Webcam
• Video Conference
• Send photos and files
• Creating an avatar
• Insert emoticons

So was Yahoo

In 1994 the two students started Jerry Yang and David Filo as a hobby, therefore, to create an Internet directory. This resulted in the current Yahoo. Yahoo has its headquarters in the American Sunnyvale and is one of the largest Internet portals in the market.

Description of the version: Yahoo Messenger

The latest version of Yahoo Messenger offers some new features that extend the already existing function width of Messenger with very useful features. You can now also communicate to friends in other networks or send files up to 2 GB in size. There is now even a so-called stealth mode, in which you can adjust who you "Online" or "Offline" want to show.

The most important innovations in the current version of Yahoo Messenger.

• Communication with other networks
• Advanced Privacy settings and stealth mode
• Call forwarding for incoming calls
• Extension of the available plugins
• Integration of Imvironments

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