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You'll use the practical and beautiful dock of Mac OS X on Windows with Xwindows dock. Free download!



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XWindows Dock

With the tool XWindows you can equip your Windows interface with a so-called dock Dock, found only on Mac - it replaced the taskbar and cuts a fine figure in particularly graphically.

You can use the popular dock from Mac OS X under Windows operating system with XWindows dock. It is a graphically demanding alternative to the Windows taskbar, that replaced them if desired. The functions include the Administration and the minimize and maximize Windows. The stacks feature you have access to the file system immediately - with a right click, you will receive clear information about the contents of folders or preview galleries for different media formats. Folder, individual files, or links can be added to any to the dock.

In addition, you can use XWindows dock to the Windows taskbar — then the dock via the existing bar appears. You click on the taskbar with the right mouse button, choose "Properties" and then "taskbar auto-hide, so only the dock remains, which can be freely placed on all sides of the screen.

The different effects of XWindows dock can be modified through a simple setup and customized - also the link individual actions with sound files is possible. The graphical representation of the icons can be sehenlassen: send every single icon is reflected in the docking station. XWindows dock is not only a practical, but above all an optical appealing alternative to the standard Windows taskbar. The Forum of the programmer provides you many different skins in addition to – you can download for free, to make your desktop more individual.

Description of the version: XWindows Dock

The update version 2.0.3 of XWindows dock runs flawlessly under Windows XP. In addition, the dock now also on multi monitor systems can be used. Thanks to a new programming interfaces you can implement icons in any programming language - also a new Manager for plug-in the friends is now available. Icons by newly installed applications are automatically added to the dock if you want this – otherwise, you can also disable this new feature.

The new features of XWindows dock 2.3.0 Beta overview

• Improves compatibility with Windows XP
• Use on systems with multiple displays
• New API enables implementation of icons
• New plug-in Manager added
• Function for the automatic creation of icon in the dock

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