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XRecode software is the conversion of audio files in a desired format.



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You are looking for a program that recognizes the different audio formats and can convert the new freeware XRecode recommends. They are characterized by simple navigation and technical progress.

XRecode is a software that you can download friends at any time free of charge. The latest freeware version 2.61 is a program that converts your different audio files to another desired format. In all formats are allowed. XRecode is characterized by its ease of use and is indispensable for all computer geeks who work with various formats.

No matter whether MP3 formats, WMA and WAV or rather rare formats such as FLAC and DTS: your XRecode software detects these quickly and easily and converts it to the specified formats if necessary. What additional input, but also output formats there are and which transform himself, reads you best on the current manufacturer homepage of XRecode. A number of additional settings available that allow you to determine the quality and file formats remain friends.

The new XRecode is characterized by a high technical relevance. So, multi-core processors are supported, so that multiple files can be converted at the same time. While the software not losing work speed. You have may cut audio tracks is also possible with XRecode. The program automatically searches for breaks, which constitute the basis for the section. You've got a concert recording, so you can easily divide these into its sections of the song and play later separated. XRecode is supported by the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Description of the version: XRecode

The current version of XRecode 2.61 from the eponymous manufacturer recognizes now even more formats and is able to convert them. In addition usable formats are WMV, MSV and DIVX. you want to convert audio tracks, manages this with the latest version. You can among other things convert AVI and FLV formats. Also track information in ID3v2 - and Vorbis comment tags without prompting. For the new version 2.61, you need a storage capacity of 3.5 megabytes.

Other important information about XRecode

• Integrated CD Ripper and encoder
• Available in German and English
• Personal music archive creatable
• Additional auto-DJ features
• Audio signals from video files extrahierbar
• Viruses check

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