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The new XP codec pack has all popular codecs to all popular formats.



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XP Codec Pack

Do you know that too? You have finally found the new action movie on the Internet and can not play well after installing it? Very annoying. With the new XP codec pack that can no longer happen. It contains all available codecs of all popular formats and thus offers you the opportunity to play every conceivable movie in the future. Blurry images, distortion, or even a black screen are now a thing of the past. The new XP codec pack is able to provide the appropriate codec for any common music and video format. You will have no more trouble.

With just one click, you can download the latest XP codec pack here quickly and easily, and after automatically installing all available codecs are. No hours foraging to the appropriate codec more, the new XP codec pack leaves no wish open. Just organize a nice video evening with your friends. You can download all movies in the Internet, and with the new XP codec pack play is no longer a problem. Impress your friends and relatives with unique image quality and a clear sound. Never faltering pictures or an echoing sound, your music and video files are played in the future with the right key.

The current XP Codec Pack brings with him not only the correct codecs, but also a media player and various filters. You can unzip it with the XP codec pack also known as Matroska files and play. Enjoy your favorite movies and the latest soundtracks at home on your computer in the future. There is hardly a format that can not be played by the new XP codec pack.

You can find the following in the new XP codec pack:

• AC3 - Filter and AVI splitter
• CDXA reader and AAC decoder
• FFDShow MPEG-4 video decoder
• GPL MPEG-1/2 decoder
• Matroska Splitter
• Media Player Classic and VS filter

System requirements for the new XP Codec Pack

You need the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and an Intel Pentium II processor for the new XP codec pack. On other operating systems, the full functionality is not guaranteed. Your computer should have a memory of at least 32 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 2 megabytes. Otherwise, the current XP codec pack has no special requirements to your computer.

Description of the version: XP Codec Pack

The latest version of the XP codec pack offers you numerous multimedia codecs, which you can use to open all popular formats on your PC. The program is very small and is easy to install. In the current version many different languages offered you, to make you easier navigation in your language. New included codecs are among other AC3Filter 1. 63B, FFDshow MPEG-4 and as a tool for the playback of the Media Player Classic

The main features of the XP Codec Pack 2.5.1 version

• All popular multimedia codecs to open the desired formats
• Small utility and simple install
• New of codecs, such as AC3Filter 1.63b and FFDshow

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