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With the XP-clean freeware version 5.8, you get a comprehensive freeware program of the hand.



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XP-Clean Freeware

XP-clean freeware version 5.8 provides you comprehensive features available, so that you can safely clean your Windows XP program files that are no longer required and malicious spyware. With XP-clean freeware version 5.8, you can minimize but as well many other dangers of Internet use. It is visited historical sites possible, hereby, to delete cookies or favourites pages clicked on. To find specific websites, an IP address discovery available's this as a feature. At the same time, you can eliminate 5.8, so-called zero-byte files or orphaned registry entries by clicking on the corresponding button, with the XP-clean freeware version.

With the new and updated XP-clean freeware version 5.8 is detecting black lists in the spyware search and integrated Dialer. If you have installed a PC browser such as Firefox, Netscape, or Opera, these are adjusted 5.8 by the XP-clean freeware version. Flash cookies are on demand with deleted. 5.8 You can reach with the use of XP-clean freeware version, that your computer is free of old, useless files. The XP-clean freeware version 5.8 helps you to optimize your operating system and to keep any harmful ballast.

You can download easily and quickly 5.8 here XP-clean freeware version. Click this on the appropriate download button, and XP-clean freeware version 5.8 is your system cleanup sensible help you and provide you valuable services. By using the program, you are free in a short time by unwanted files.

XP-clean freeware version 5.8 contains many user-friendly features

Safely remove • spyware.
• Delete zero-byte files.
• Integrated Registrywarner.
• Identification of IP addresses.
• Remove orphaned files.
• Delete temporary Internet files and cookies.

Conditions for the use of XP-clean freeware version 5.8

XP-clean freeware version 5.8 is required with the Microsoft Windows XP operating system for a smooth application. The file size is doing about 4.4 megabytes. The program is a shareware program, you're mean, able to take advantage of this free of charge for a period of four weeks. After the four weeks you can continue it as freeware. For the new Windows operating systems Vista and Windows 7 is XP-clean as a shareware package available. Thus, good uses for Windows users are given.

Description of the version: XP-Clean Freeware

In addition to the familiar tools and capabilities of XP-clean, to your Windows XP operating system by pesky files, free spyware or dialer - a choice tools, you have also the possibility to edit your startup directory, as well as to change the XP boot logo in the new version of XP-clean. Also, you can delete your Internet traces, such as cookies, registry entries, or the history of your favorites by clicking the new version easily and safely.

Overview of new features in XP-clean freeware version 5.8

• Removal of spyware and dialer one choice tools
• XP startup directory edit
•Changing the Start logo of XP
• Internet traces by clicking Delete
• Create a password disk

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