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With XnView minimal you can view images, edit and convert to different formats.



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XnView Minimal

XnView minimum cannot be with the picture viewer only look at graphics of all formats, you can convert it in another file format - this is the tool extremely space-saving.

XnView is a program for image editing that has it despite its small size, not even four megabytes to minimal: the software can import more than 400 file formats, also pictures in around 50 different formats can be stored. XnView minimal has an integrated file browser, which clearly lists all files in the selected folder. This miniature versions of your stored pictures appear in the adjacent window, so the overview are maintained. This feature is particularly useful if you have large collections of images, which have all similar file names or were simply numbered.

Using the conversion function, you can convert individual images not only in a common format, you can share entire directories for the conversion process. The various properties of the selected scene can be changed according to your heart's content: vary the size, the used colors or contrast, experiment with different filter settings or add interesting effects. By XnView slideshow using minimal you can see a set selection of images in full screen mode and show be able - also the created slideshows can be jazzed up with effects.

The many options and the very large number of supported file formats make XnView minimally useful auxiliaries for the viewing, editing and converting images. Thanks to the small size fits the program on any USB flash drive and can be easily transported.

Description of the version: XnView Minimal

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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