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Xnews is an advanced and extensive news reader for your computer.



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The modern Internet age offers all possibilities of information retrieval and processing. But even the keenest surfers on the Internet can get problems, to keep track of all important sources. With the information software of Xnews such difficulties for you the past. The program helps you to gather information from a variety of sources and make available to you. Xnews gets news for you automatically by the relevant servers and brings together on an appropriate user interface. So, you have access to the most important information at any time. This saves a lot of time and can facilitate sure significantly your daily work friends. Xnews still try and leave you inspired by the many features of this program. It will be you soon sure great fun to take advantage of the opportunities of this helpful little software.

Xnews is a progressive news reader, with which you are always up to date. You can get the information right on your desktop and show. Xnews sorted for you in the posts, and groups. So you can inform you about all the news or just a specific subject area. Use the software as your personal information manager.

Xnews is suitable for all newsgroups and can draw on a variety of news server. Xnews offers you a professional access to all newsgroup services that interest you and you want to receive regularly. Simply upload your existing subscriptions into the program and look at how the news after arriving. You will find your way you immediately in the program and must carry no complex configurations.

Other features of Xnews:

• less than 1MB in size
• Filter functions
• supports binary files
• Be cached articles
• configurable keyboard
• supports Regex expressions

The developers of Xnews

The newsreader Xnews is developed by the entrepreneur Luu Tran. Since the year 2003 already users appreciate the tool Xnews and is the ongoing updates to extend the programme to more and more functions. Xnews is so popular among the readers that it has received even its own entry in Wikipedia. You can run the software on all your Windows OS (Win95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7).

Description of the version: Xnews

With the new version of XNews, you're always up to date when it comes to world affairs. The software provides you with the latest news articles, as long as you're online. In a filter, you can search only the messages that really interest you. You also have the ability to align the design according to your taste. You decide font and colors, as well as the handling, giving out shortcuts.

The main features of Xnews 6.12.01

• Constant supply with current news.
• Filter lets through only desired information.
• Free choice of font, colors and shortcuts for handling.
• Supports multiple identities.

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