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Overall, XnConvert is the ideal software to convert more than 400 media formats.



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Back to large format to send? The images take too long to upload in the social networks or are not accepted? XnConvert is the best software to convert image files into appropriate formats.

XnConvert offers you a wide range of the conversion of various image formats in the file. With over 400 media formats, the software can be used and saves you tons of space. The JPEG format is one of the most common photo and image formats which you can convert pictures and photos of other formats. As a result, you can relieve your processor using the space-saving JPEG format and space for other files.

The software is ideal for converting, not least due to the easy operation. The main window of the XnConvert is divided in five riders where you add your files through the action "Add files", about "Actions" using various tools handle the formats, and "Output" you can consequently save the file and eject. XnConvert works so much like a burning system for music files.

Convert and then edit: using the XnConvert, you can not only convert your images and photos, but also edit. Here, the author of the freeware version have succeeded to combine benefits with fun at XnConvert. So, the software opens the possibilities to add watermark, adjust the brightness and contrast and optimize the size. In addition, you can try out other tools such as gamma factor regulation or insertion of filters - simply download the free software, experiment with the tools of XnConvert and have fun with the photos. In addition to the Microsoft operating systems Windows XP, Vista and 7 XnConvert happily also with Mac and Linux compatible.

Description of the version: XnConvert

XnConvert is the first "stand-alone version" of the manufacturer, as the function of conversion was first associated with the XnView. The separation of the two tools makes sense: a tool is pure image viewer, XnConvert, however, is the possibility of conversion and editing. Because you can now convert to over 400 media formats, the functions of both tools remain clear and easy to use. Depending on the PC, processor and operating system, you can download XnConvert 1.0 in the 32 or 64 bit version.

The main advantages of the 1.0 version of XnConvert

• Conversion in over 400 media formats
• Easy and clear operation
• By XnView separately
• Many editing tools
• Relieves the PC and saves space
• Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible

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