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XMPEG converts quickly and easily your old videos 5.2 Beta 2 in a current standard.



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XMPEG 5.2 also boasts a simple and clearly structured interface Beta 2. The operation is so simple that you need to be a computer expert to convert your videos using XMPEG 5.2 Beta 2. Precisely the point in the program, to the conversion of older videos? You should so no video editing and editing ask, but with XMPEG 5.2 Beta 2 just a program that brings your old videos to a new format.

The formats that you can import into XMPEG 5.2 Beta 2, MPV, M1V, M2V, MPEG, VOB and DAT among. MPEG 1 is for example, a format that was developed in the 1980s and showed already at that time only very modest results. It was better with the mid of 1990s featured MPEG2, provided the video and sound broadcast-quality and is a standard still in use to this day. You can use XMPEG 5.2 Beta 2 to convert both formats with a DivX codec for AVI.

After the import of the videos in XMPEG to convert 5.2 Beta 2, you have a few ways to optimize before starting the conversion. This limit but on the contrast and brightness, where this can be very much older films. Also the image section, you can choose Beta 2 at XMPEG 5.2 and separated so unclean edges or distortion at the edge of the image. You can also customize Beta 2 the soundtrack at XMPEG 5.2 and strengthening a sound to silent in the original video. He becomes audible and understandable. When all settings are done, XMPEG 5.2 makes Beta 2 to work. Depending on your computer, the conversion of a complete film can be done in 2 hours. In the worse case, it may take even longer, so it is usually a good idea to run the conversion over night. Then the next morning, got the film into a current format and can play it on your DVD player.

Features of XMPEG 5.2 Beta 2:

• free freeware
• for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/2003
• ease of use
• Adjust contrast and brightness
• Regulation of volume
• Output as MPEG 4 (AVI with DivX codec)

Background to XMPEG 5.2 Beta 2

There is still plenty of videos in old formats in circulation. The developers of XMPEG 5.2 Beta 2 have it the set goal, to provide a simple conversion with a simple program. The program is thereby continuously improved and subjected to prior to the release of beta testing.

Description of the version: XMPEG

Using the latest version of XMPEG, you can now even easier videos convert to the DiVX format. Select on the clearly arranged user interface a video in format M1V, M2V, MPEG, VOB, MPV or DAT off, and XMPEG converts quickly and reliably format this into a video in the DiVX. This customize before adjustments to the picture such as contrast and brightness, as well as the volume of the audio track.

XMPEG features in the current version 5.2 Beta 2

• Convert format to DiVX videos
• Adjustment of image brightness and contrast
• Volume of the audio track can be increased or lowered

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