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XMind free program helps you to create mind maps and structure your thoughts.



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With the open-source program XMind creative currents of thought in a MINDMAP can be structured and hierarchically ordered. You let so much to manage homework, lectures and the like.

You have to keep a unit soon again and think it just no beginning? Do you have any other task before you, for which you need to arrange your thoughts first? Then try it with XMind. This tool will help you, you can easily create mindmaps. There any thoughts on a topic be collected first and work easier you then determined.

Mind maps work in principle: first you write the topic in the middle of your work. This is the main node. To this node, you can then write about what you assoziierst it and connect it to the main node. These are then the children nodes to which you can write on other associations. So, your thoughts get a breakdown by hierarchical, they are mapped. For a better overview, the nodes can be highlighted by graphic effects, such as for example colours. Or you can add images instead of text, to give more variety to the whole. In addition, you can create also spreadsheets and "Fishbone" diagrams with XMind.

You can then save your diagrams in different forms: as an HTML page or as PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP graphics. On the homepage of XMind, you can even publish your charts and show other users. In contrast to his professional role models you can download free XMind you from the Internet. The program is based on the Eclipse programming environment and with an Eclipse plug-in from the manufacturer homepage, it can be integrated in the IDE.

Description of the version: XMind

With the new version of XMind, you can let your mind run free again and easily store them in a MINDMAP, and sort hierarchically. Manufacturers have added some enhancements to the new version XMind 3.2.1, and they could also troubleshoot. For example the bug here, that the Shotcut CTRL + ALT + N does not work. Also, you can now also use the program without being online. Unless you want to upload one of his mind maps naturally.

Improvements and bug fixes in XMind 3.2.1

• The sign-in feature has been improved
• Fixed a bug that did not allow the shortcut CTRL + ALT + N,
• Troubleshooting the paste function in Mac OS X
•Improve which were translations of Spanish and French version

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