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XFire is the complete solution for the ambitious player with outside world contact.



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Many have requested a Messenger specially tailored to the needs of players. The solution comes with XFire. But XFire Messenger is not only just, and can do far more than one might expect at first glance.

As much players, the circle moves most often in virtual realms. Often playing past each other and one does this, the other, nobody knows, what the other is doing. XFire can change that and still some more features just interesting for players about.

Main characteristic of actual Messenger is your contacts indicate, what you're playing, and what is even more important, on which server you do including all relevant data from this server. How many players, which "map", score, etc. So friends can join your game directly. Then before and after the match in contact to stay, is it also possible from the game, to send messages to his contacts, or to speak with them but via VoIP. Apart from the communication possibilities, XFire is also the interface for you to stay abreast with your games. So, do you get tailored information on your games or can download directly the latest patches. You want to keep your in-game action on video to process them to a trailer or be able to demonstrate, is that not a problem with XFire. By pressing the key combination reels + V XFire directly absorbs. Screenshots are of course also quickly realized and with wheels + S shot. The statistics function rounds off the complete package and tells you how much time you've spent in the game.

With its abundance of features specifically tailored to players and the support of more than 1,000 games, XFire belongs to the hard disk of each player.

Description of the version: XFire

A few minor changes come with XFire in version 1,133. The integrated chat introduced a spam control. Should you need to send multiple messages in a short time, you get the note that you shall please be careful not to do this now. The OpenCandy system has been removed from the installer. As a result, no programs are installed more third-party on your PC. The policies were also changed. Fixed a bug which prevented that you couldn't create an account by the client himself.

Changes in XFire with the version of 1,133

• OpenCandy system has been removed, no programs from 3 manufacturers more
• Changes the policies
• Fixed error that blocked user registration by the client,
• Spam filter for the chat was introduced
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