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  • Windows 1.8.3-2 | 1.7.3

XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 is a comprehensive software package for setting up an Apache server.



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  • Updated: 06.12.2013

XAMPP Windows

If you ever wanted to make your own Apache Web server, you finally have the opportunity to do so with now XAMPP Windows 1.7.3. XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 is the ideal software package when it comes to server functions for the Internet. Setting up an Apache server is usually not child's play, but with XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 it will feel like one. The server is fully guaranteed, and all important settings are already made. So, you have the opportunity to concentrate on the essentials of your Web application. You need not more cumbersome foraging in cryptic configuration files, until you find the appropriate settings. XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 take off all the work you and offers many other great possibilities, which you do not will have expected his extensive software package. Just go ahead and install your own Apache server.

XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 is the ideal software for you, if you want to only locally set up an Apache server for testing purposes. There is no problem at all to build a local test environment, which will just behave as the subsequent Web server with XAMPP Windows 1.7.3. You can use the same software and can simply take all your settings on the server. Test on your local computer so long, is perfect to your project, for example, your own site. Then you simply copy XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 on your server computer, and already all over the Internet on your project can be accessed. No separate server environments are more necessary and all settings are retained.

In a few minutes, you can install XAMPP Windows 1.7.3. It contains many useful, pre-installed tools. XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 uses the programming languages Perl and PHP, and uses MySQL or SQlite Database. By doing this, you get a full Web server even for database applications.

Other features of XAMPP Windows 1.7.3:

• Supports phpMyAdmin
• Webalizer integrated
• Mail server mercury
• FileZilla
• OpenSSL
• ProFTPd FTP server

The developers of XAMPP Windows 1.7.3

The ingenious server software in XAMPP Windows 1.7.3 is being developed by the Apache friends. The software is distributed under a free license (GPL) and is running, such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and other UNIX variants on all common operating systems.

Description of the version: XAMPP Windows

The current version of the software of the XAMPP Windows can come up with some useful and very helpful features. The software is actually a software package with programs from various manufacturers, provided to you by the provider of XAMPP open and a filing. However Panel and the YAMPP security are supplied also in the different versions of a XAMPP control you. The packages were compiled according to the use.

The main new features of the current version of XAMPP Windows

• Additionally in the scope of the Pact is a security software
• with the control panel can be coordinated the programs
• improved archiving and extraction possible

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