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Go into XPLANE and develop your skills as a pilot, how you can do it anywhere else.



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XPLANE is the most realistic Flight Simulator in the world. If you're interested in flying to the computer, there is no way to the latest version of XPLANE passes. XPLANE is so realistic that you'll believe you were on board a real machine. There are aircraft manufacturers in real life, who use XPLANE for the development of its aircraft and the American aviation authority formed their line pilots on him. So get in and become a part of this incomparable Simulator. The program thereby not only equally suitable for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X users, but even mobile runs on your iPhone.

XPLANE works with the simulation of the physics of flight with no tricks. It not only looks like the real flight of a plane, but it is the real flight. At any moment, vectors of forces on them are simulated for all surfaces of the aircraft. A more accurate simulation is not possible. Each flight manoeuvres, that you are doing in XPLANE, happened just as in real life.

XPLANE is not a stand-alone program, but comes with a number of additional programs to you. This includes for example the aircraft Editor. If you want to model your own aircraft and make even cockpit in 3D, the editor is the right choice for you. From the wings of the lights up to the drive, everything is free:. Of course, you can share your designs with other users and also to fly its models. Let surprise you how many aircraft been XPLANE available.

Other features of XPLANE

• Scenery Editor
• Wing profile editor
• Bird strike in the vicinity of aircraft
• Glider with thermals
• Mobile road transport
• Subsonic and supersonic Dynamics

The story of XPLANE

XPLANE was started as a small project of the private pilot Austin Meyer. Meyer is an aeronautical engineer and has spent many thousands of hours in real aircraft in his life, on the ground and in the air. In 1988, he took the development by XPLANE in attack because he was not satisfied with the flight simulators available at that time on the market. He wondered how he could write a simulator, which seem not so much like a game, but like the right flies. The software has been continually developed and could take up soon with the market leader there. Terrain data in high-definition offered on the installation disc for the first time since 2004.

Description of the version: X-Plane

The new version of the Flight Simulator X-plane brings some improvements. So, the simulations are displayed by rain, reflections on the windshield and hail of scratches on the disc now on your entire screen. There is also a new rudder, which allows even the page of gliding flight. In addition, the function of the autopilot has been added. Finally you can choose between 4 different planes and some airports. The flight sounds contribute to the realistic feeling of flight.

The most important new features in X-Plane 9.60

• Weather and disc simulations on the entire screen
• Rudder for gliding page
• Autopilot
• 4 different planes to choose from
• Several airports to choose from

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