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X-Moto is an arcade racing game, where you're going on a cross machine through crazy levels.



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X-Moto is the motorcycle action game that you can influence. A fast paced game that give much skill on the brakes, gas and weight shift requires. Ideal to play for in the meantime.

X-Moto is a suspenseful game where you steer a motorcycle through a course. The 2D-Motocross-Simulation features a realistic physics engine. The behavior of the cross machines is less clearly in the foreground and the graphic that is very modern. The control using the keyboard or a joystick reacts top and you need much feeling when driving on the numerous marked trails. Not too much throttle, shift the weight at the right moment - otherwise you're threatening to topple on the difficult slopes. You for the flips and jumps and to take the tricky obstacles in the shortest possible time need a good manual dexterity. While you may choose the level of difficulty. The range of levels is huge. Just download it from the Internet. Using an editor, which includes the X-Moto game, you can build up your own cross-world friends with a course that you like.

To get started, you can use the ghost's driving instructor. This anonymous tells you how you can get the curve in the handle. Press F2, you jump on your Motocross bike and start the route from the front. Miss your times with other players. On the Internet, you can compare your performance directly with those of others. You can do it with great skill in the leaderboard.

An open-source game that really makes it ideal for the change mood, in between. X-Moto is running correctly, if you have an OpenGL capable graphics card. The freeware is also available in the versions for Linux and Mac OS. Just here download.

Description of the version: X-Moto

If you had always been your joy on trying out new arcade games for your computer, the motorcycle game could be X-Moto 0.5.3 version newly for you exactly. The game supports motion graphics now and has been significantly improved in terms of the General presentation. You can select a new racing events and you enjoy during your ride on the virtual motorcycle on a completely fresh soundtrack.

X-Moto: The most important new features

• Now three graphics modes are selectable
• The game can be continued by checkpoints
• New soundtrack "foxrun"
• New level Pack "Whatshisname Cup" available
• Animated textures

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