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X-Lite is a good solution for those who want to call from your PC to a landline.



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The program X-Lite is a software that allows you to make calls through a VoIP provider. While you can call provided an account with the X-Lite company even on a normal landline.

If you talking a lot, then you've had a tennis elbow by holding the phone maybe ever. Unfortunately, headsets are hardly affordable for ordinary telephony for most. Now you can use your home PC as a telephone with the X-Lite software and call your friends, your family or your friends. This X-Lite works as a so-called voice-over-IP phone, carrying your voice over the Internet and not using the normal telephone line. You're still a commercially available PC headset at home, then you can use this now to make phone calls. To be able to call on a regular landline, you need a VoIP provider, a deposit account for the software and the aforementioned headset.

X-Lite is thus for all those well, which would have no conventional landline, but still make phone calls. Here you can choose to conveniently just his contacts from the PC, X-Lite does the rest then. Even a video transmission is possible with the program. Now in operation or in call centres this voice-over-IP solution is a good alternative to traditional landline as easily every call can be cut with and is viewed through a phone book link at lightning speed, who sits on the other line.

X-Lite offer apart from the free version also has two other variants the manufacturer CounterPath Corporation, which again a lot more countries can be like a three-way Conference, file transfer, and different languages for all men. There is also a list of alarm, there are support by E-Mail.

Description of the version: X-Lite

X-Lite offers you in its current version again pleasant features and useful features. So you can call with the Lite version of the software manufacturer with VoIP on a normal landline. Even a video telephony is possible for you. Calls use an account to the company ahead, which then calls a certain amount will be debited on a landline. You also have the possibility to call directly with your standard headset via the software.

Useful functions of the telephony software X-Lite

• Phone calls via VoIP to standard landlines
• Make a call with your standard headset
• Video telephony is possible
• Larger versions of the software are available on the manufacturer pages

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