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Wysigot light offline stores Web pages for you and informs you of changes.



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Wysigot Light

If for example the weather forecast for your region is updated, Wysigot light can log that you. And even if you have no use for such a function, each private pilot or sailor will be grateful for such automatic function by Wysigot light. Should the stock market interest you more, then you can use Wysigot light and inform you when changes in the prices of certain stocks also. Or new entries in blogs, forums, or any other Web page, the dynamic and changing content.

You will be notified about the changes and the best is color-coded Wysigot light changes for you. Thus, you're immediately at the first glance, what has changed. You need to look not long after the changes and can immediately decide whether it is a for you important or unimportant change. Wysigot light websites it considers documents and you can therefore store a Web site in various versions as each new document and build on a history of the Web page using Wysigot light.

Wysigot light shows you the status of downloads, and if they are lost, they can continue exactly at this point. In addition to the automatic monitoring of changes on websites this feature can run regularly from Wysigot light at a time set by you. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to fill out forms offline, and then automatically to send. Sending is being reviewed to the Not so long until it succeeds. Any Web page or any document you can thereby provided with additional information or show you the parameters of the pages. Best you try out the free version yourself. You can download Wysigot light directly from our page about the download function.

Wysigot light features:

• Stores Web pages offline
• Stores all information including cookies and scripts
• Reports changes to Web pages
• Web pages can be annotated
• Freeware
• For Windows 9 x, NT 4.0, 2000, me, XP, Vista, Windows 7

Wysigot light backgrounds

The tool Wysigot light is a development of the French company of the same name. The company was founded in 1998 and focuses exclusively on its core competence, and a product Wysigot. Originally under a different name in the market brought, the orientation of the software and the company has not changed. The Web is easier to handle and are clear.

Description of the version: Wysigot Light

The current version can boast some very useful new features. The software monitors your favorite sites now even more efficient and more reliable and alerts you in a preset list by the local changes. These changes are displayed then marked, so that you can quickly see what new products are added. You also have the possibility to organize your sites better and to put on the list makes sense.

The most important innovations of the latest Wysigot light.

• Filtering of content by proxy server
• Unlimited number of websites and documents including monitoring organization
• Improved functionality in networks
• Highlighting the changes by markings

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