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The WS_FTP Professional client is a secure and reliable communication solution.



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WS_FTP Professional

The WS_FTP Professional is par excellence the data transfer software that offers the highest security for file encryption. Everyone knows that you just allowed to send confidential data via email over the Internet. Companies need a different standard, because in addition to the security also concerns the management of data and increase productivity. With WS_FTP Professional, you can automate all key tasks in your company and integrate the individual transfer operations into single applications. So far over 40 million users on the WS_FTP Professional client trust. This shows how user friendly is the WS_FTP Professional client. It is easy to install and transfers the data via FTP, SSL, SSH and http/S protocols. SSL sessions can be used again.

Another aspect is very important: you can comply with all legal requirements and your corporate governance with the WS_FTP Professional client. You can create logs of all client-server connections using WS_FTP Professional and are able to track all data movement. These are stored, so that you can report later. A variety of functions are integrated into the data transfer software, WS_FTP Professional: for example an email, synchronization, or compression. With the digital signature of WS_FTP Professional, everyone can ensure the legality of the desktop applications.

The data transfer software you can try WS_FTP Professional for 30 days of a free trial version: just click on the download button!

Other WS_FTP Professional features:

• Establishes security of data
• Pay attention to the corporate governance guidelines
• Automate tasks and save time
• Ensures high server availability
• Flexible licenses
• Digital signature

The requirements for WS_FTP Professional

During the installation, you need 50 MB of free disk space. WS_FTP Professional is running on a Microsoft Windows Server 7 (32-bit/64-bit, English and German edition), Windows Server 2008 (English version), Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP. You need continue to at least a 233-megahertz processor, 64 megabytes of RAM and a 2 gigabyte hard drive. The software has a user-friendly interface, where all visible controls are displayed. You will now receive the licensing application on German.

Description of the version: WS_FTP Professional

Using an FTP program, a so-called file-transfer software, you can quickly and easily load data and information in the Internet and transfer. WS_FTP Professional is especially if you need to move constantly large amounts of data, and the manageability and the overview suffer. WS_FTP Professional is a leader among the FTP programs and connects with an undefeated ease in dealing with file transfer full control and security.

WS_FTP Professional, playing the most complex data transfers implement

• Easy installation and usability
• Transfers via FTP, SSH, SSL, and HTTP/S protocols possible
• State of the art encryption technologies for unparalleled security
• Automated processes for greater efficiency and a greater productivity

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