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WS_FTP Lite offers you a simple transfer of files between PC and FTP servers.



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WS_FTP Lite is a free personal FTP-client and easy to use. It is suitable for moving data between your PC and a server. The operation is through drag- and -drop to child's play.

This free personal FTP client is a classic that is easy to use. It is suitable for moving data between your PC and a server. The operation is through drag- and -drop to child's play.

WS_FTP Lite is a free for personal use and for members of the University version of the IPSWITCH FTP program and enables full control when the upload of own Web pages on a server. It is available both in German and in other languages. After installation, enter of some server data is sufficient to begin the transfer. It is to create possible several different profiles that can be selected separately.

After logging in to the server, you have two Windows with WS_FTP Lite, left the folder on your own hard drive and right the directory on the server. To move a file, it is enough to "pull it" by one of the Windows in the other. Although multiple files can be at the same time, as well as move whole folders. The selection of the destination folder is easy with WS_FTP Lite, because existing folder and the current directory will be displayed. Changes to the Web server can be made through the appropriate buttons quickly, for example, the create or delete folders, rename and move files and folders and also display the file content is possible using WS_FTP Lite. The type of transmission, whether binary or ASCII can be set separately for each file type. WS_FTP Lite offers lots of possibilities for setting session, sort, display, sounds, convert and more advanced settings are located in the area.

Description of the version: WS_FTP Lite

The Y2K non-compliant FTP server connections introduced, improves the global flags settings to correct problems with the handling of the firewall in version 5.08 WS_FTP Lite, were added a default transfer mode to the session parameters, Instant Override and obtained by file date and time, the type of UNIX host for European sites changed and improved support for firewalls. The host species AMOS can also now TCP/IP, VxWorks, and GCOS 6 HVS AIX is automatically detected. The Unisys A-series host species have also been added.

The main changes from WS_FTP Lite since version 5.06

• Modifications to the VMS_MULTINET support • Modifications to the VMS_UCX support • Modifications to the TANDEM support • Modifications to the OS / 9 support • Changes to IBM MVS • Changes to AS/400

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