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With the world of Warcraft wallpaper, you show your love to WOW even outside of the game.



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World of Warcraft Wallpaper

The world of Warcraft wallpaper combines the stunning art design and the aesthetics of the game with the yearning of the players in the boundless worlds behind the world of Warcraft wallpaper to plunge again. The ORC with his photorealistic appearance and anatomical complexity can impact the world of Warcraft wallpaper almost real.

World of Warcraft wallpaper are nothing more than background images for your computer basically. A modern form of posters. Long gone are the days in which the normal Windows desktop backgrounds were the user. Individuality and expressiveness stand in the foreground, and especially for games like world of Warcraft such suitable wallpapers - just like the world of Warcraft wallpaper - excellent, so that the players outside the game of Warcraft can relate to world.

The world of Warcraft wallpaper is compatible with the Microsoft operating systems Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The world of Warcraft wallpaper download size is only slim 752 kilobytes. You download the world of Warcraft wallpaper right over the appropriate download button and you thus confess to the game.

The world of Warcraft wallpaper offers you:

• countless motifs in the WOW universe
• the opportunity to see your favorite characters outside of the game
• To customize your desktop
• to all races and classes the matching background
• the chance to commit you to world of Warcraft
• for all common Windows systems the appropriate wallpaper

The world behind the world of Warcraft wallpaper

The game of world of Warcraft from its launch, became a phenomenon among the mass multiplayer online role-playing games and can be found high up in the statistics regarding player participation and revenue today. Over 12 million players have so far a subscription of the game, and certainly several world of Warcraft wallpaper to express their passion for the game. World of Warcraft promoted the players in a unique fantasy world full of myths and magic. There is still the old struggle between good and evil, Alliance and Horde. Different peoples belong to each side. The Alliance consists of humans, dwarves, night elves, Gnomes, Dreanel and the Worgen. The Horde consists of Orcs, undead, Tauren, trolls, blood elves and goblins. The players must opt for a page, which significantly affects the game later. A mixture of various fantasy novels, is the game world and its backstory which is unmistakably of Warcraft wallpaper also on the world.

Description of the version: World of Warcraft Wallpaper

World of Warcraft is one of the most successful online games around the world, and with the world of Warcraft wallpaper you catch the WoW world on your screen. A Crimson sky forms the background of the very atmospheric motives, which also the ORC standing in the right foreground. He seems armed with 2 large axes from the screen to step out and leave out his fury on you.

Description of the world of Warcraft wallpaper

• Background image with scene from world of Warcraft
• Sanguine tone of the image
• On the right side is an armed ORC

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