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Warcraft III: Reign of chaos is an entertaining fantasy strategy game in 3D graphics.



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World of Warcraft

With the game Warcraft III: Of chaos you show world, the orcs in the colourful fantasy reign and people fight for the supremacy of its world. But just as the battle for the world rages, a new unexpected enemies appear. The Burning Legion attempted to wipe out all life, and so humans and Orcs fighting side by side for the survival of their world. Led by their heroes must hold one of the four peoples fame and resources. In contrast to the previous versions of Warcraft I and Warcraft II are Warcraft III: reign of chaos to the peoples of the humans and Orcs even Undead and night elves to the selection. With less mass battles such as command & conquer or Empire are Earth. Rather, the focus on the resource acquisition and development of skills of the character. As there is also always a hero available for his chosen people, you can Warcraft III: reign of chaos quite as a strategy game with role-playing elements described, because also this hero can be developed and strengthened. Are this game elements such as scrolls or spells that make the respective heroes a formalist combat unit and the players by all single-player missions of Warcraft III: reign of chaos accompanied.

Warcraft III: Reign begins of chaos itself with a substantive introduction, to put the player into the world of humans and Orcs. In the single player mode, you can play now various missions to lead his chosen faction to victory. This one first learns the introductory supply fundamentals, such as removing gold and the cases of wood. The control of units in Warcraft III: Reign of chaos is conveyed in the first missions. The multiplayer mode of Warcraft III: Reign of chaos provides numerous multiplayer levels, promise hours of fun.

The game Warcraft III: of chaos you can download free reign with us as a demo version. Just click on the download button to download Warcraft III: reign of chaos to start.

Features of Warcraft III: reign of chaos

• highly detailed 3D graphics
• extensive missions in the single-player mode
• entertaining multiplayer levels
• individual hero characters
• hours of gameplay
• available extensions

The story of Warcraft III: Reign of chaos

The first version of the game Warcraft was released by Blizzard in 1994 and sold with the description of Orcs & humans. Due to the enormous success the development with Warcraft II continued in 1995. 2002 was Warcraft III: reign of chaos released. Extensions were offered also here. All three versions are the template for the probably today best known online role playing game world of Warcraft with millions of players worldwide.

Description of the version: World of Warcraft

In Warcraft III: Reign of chaos expect you extensive improvements compared to previous versions: the 3D graphics is more sophisticated and waiting with great attention to detail. The already known breeds of humans and Orcs joined now undead and night elves, which applies to lead it to victory. An experience point system, your hero can learn now special abilities. New campaigns provide long-lasting fun.

The new features of Warcraft III at a glance

• Heroes can learn special skills
• Two new races - undead and night elves
• Highly detailed 3D graphics
• In five chapters structured campaign
• Weather, day and night cycles on the battlefield

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