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Word Viewer

The Microsoft Word Viewer is a practical and very easy to use. Start the program by double clicking on a Word file with the format DOCX and DOCM from Microsoft Office Word 2007 or Microsoft format DOC and DOT. Also you can display all other text formats you, because unlike the WordPad program included in the Windows operating system, the Microsoft Word Viewer displays all existing formatting. Open XML files (Extensible Markup Language) and documents in the rich text format [RTF]. You can also open with the Microsoft Word Viewer Web page formats like HTM, HTML, MHT and MHTML, the programming language used for documents on the World Wide Web by default. Also open documents as text (.txt), WordPerfect 5.x, WordPerfect 6.x (DOC, WPD), Works 6.0 and Works 7.0 (WPS). You can edit the prestigious documents, if you copy the text to the Clipboard and insert into an alternate Editor.

Use the Word Viewer to open IRM (information rights management) limited documents and thus make sure that confidential information can be opened only by authorized persons. On the view menu, click reading layout and change the Word Viewer to the reading view of layout, to make the reading of texts. Open also digitally signed documents and let you display digital certificates for a file.

You can also download the Microsoft Word Viewer here. Simply click on the download button to download the Word Viewer.

Next Microsoft Word Viewer features:

• Look at without the installation of Word lyrics
• Improve the performance of Microsoft Office Word Viewer
• Take advantage of the Word Viewer in conjunction with the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for other Office formats
• One for all! Open different file formats with a program
• Use the practical functions: copy information from one document to another program
• Print the different file formats with the Word Viewer

History of the Microsoft Word Viewer

The Word Viewer 97-2000 was released on the 17 March 1999. Thus, Word documents of versions for Windows 97 and 2000 and with version 4.x later documents could be opened by Microsoft Word for Macintosh. It was available in the 16-bit and 32-bit Windows version and optimized to display Word documents in Internet Explorer 3.x and later versions. The Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 was finally published on December 15, 2003. This version supports Word XP and Word 2003 and earlier versions of Word. On September 26, 2007, was followed by another version, which replaces the Word Viewer 2003 and supports Office 2007.

Description of the version: Word Viewer

The Microsoft Word Viewer opens in a jiffy and without a preinstalled full version of the word processor Word files. The representation of the data is error-free, and also printing is easy. Word files in other programs can use the Word Viewer to copy or move. Edit, save, and create new Word data is not possible. The current version replaces all previous versions such as Word Viewer 2003.

Texts created using Word without full version read and print

• Word Viewer opens and prints Word files quickly and reliably
• Word Viewer supports the transfer to other programs
• Word Viewer is completely free of charge

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