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Wolfquest is a fascinating combination of an exciting game and knowledge transfer.



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To survive in the wild Wolf is your tasks in Wolfquest, 3D simulation over the life of the wolves. You play it as a young Wolf in Yellowstone National Park and can play alone or with up to 4 friends together online. At the beginning of episode 1 of Wolfquest named Amethyst mountain you think your Wolf avatar and choose between a male and a female Wolf. While you can select in Wolfquest for your Wolf between different drawings of fur real wolves and then even change these. Still, you specify the individual skills such as strength, speed and endurance for your Wolf. While you explore 4 square kilometers of wilderness with open meadows, narrow Woods and high cliffs. The Amethyst mountains are a real area of Yellowstone National Park. Together with friend Wolf, do you follow the tracks of moose and chase them, to get food. You'll encounter a variety of animals and other wolves looking for a partner or a partner with which you then make a close connection.

In episode 2 of Wolfquest named Slough Creek are the tasks more difficult and demanding. Slough Creek Amethyst mountains is also a real area in Yellowstone National Park and provides you 4 more square kilometers game room available. You need to find an area where you can let you down. In this territory, you start your own official Pack then, wind up your boys, and must defend it against enemies like coyotes, Grizzly bears and other wolves. Here Wolfquest plays his whole strength, because the simulation is implemented perfectly. The 3D simulation Wolfquest convinced both the graphics and the overall implementation of the game idea.

In multiplayer mode you can play along by Wolfquest with other players on a public or private server. Solve problems together with them and defeated a large Bull Moose together. Try the game yourself once, and Wolfquest via the download feature right here from our site download.

Features of Wolfquest:

• Animal simulation
• Live the life of a Wolf
• Complete missions
• Work with other wolves
• Freeware
• For Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Mac from OSX 10.3.9

Background information on Wolfquest

Wolfquest is a joint project of the Minnesota Zoo with the eduweb. The aim of the project is to bring the fascinating life from wolves in a playful way children and adults. For this, the player in the role of a wild Wolf in Yellowstone hatches National Park.

Description of the version: WolfQuest

The current version of the computer game WolfQuest is new Herausforderunen to you. The game now offers you 4 km² more animated landscape for your territory in the East of mammoth, located near the northern border of Yellowstone National Park. There you have to face the new task, to look for a safe place for building your building. In addition was added, that you don't have to pull puppies and be such a way that they can survive alone in the wilderness.

This offers you the new WolfQuest 2.0.3

• to explore more space 4 km²
• Puppy so pull up, that they survive alone in the wilderness
• explore safe place for building your building

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