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Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60 offers you the possibility of making second world war battles against human players from around the world. The axis or allied forces are available. You slip it in one of five predefined classes. There are lone in Wolfenstein: enemy territory 2.60 hard have, instead, team spirit and tactical skills are in demand.

You can choose from the following classes: soldier: the combat specialist for heavy weapons such as the MG42, mortars, flame thrower or Bazooka. Apothecary: the helper in distress in Wolfenstein: enemy territory 2.60, the allies can heal and resurrect. Radio: the tactician, who can request targeted artillery support and obtain ammunition. Pioneer: the engineer, including mines set or defuse, repair vehicles and command posts in Wolfenstein: enemy territory 2.60 can build. Spy/Sniper: the specialist in covert operations. He can infiltrate the enemy army and others, report information about enemy combatants, or use the sniper rifle.

Played the game Wolfenstein: enemy territory 2.60, which you can download using the download button in us, on standard or custom maps, as well as in various game modes (Objectice fashion, campaign mode, stopwatch mode, last man standing mode and load one standing hide and seek mode). Both maps and modes of Wolfenstein: enemy territory 2.60 are constantly improved by the community. Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60 is a standalone multiplayer extension of the well-known and popular return to Castle Wolfenstein. A tactical first-person shooter located at the time of the second world war. Five character classes can be selected for you. Six standard maps, which you can supplement with countless custom maps. Five standard game modes and various extensions and variations characterize your gaming fun. A large and dedicated community of players, the Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60 today also still evolving. Wolfenstein et will be played today at tournaments and leagues, and is available for Windows, Linux and OSX.

What for Wolfenstein: enemy territory 2.60 speaks:

• Full version
• New soldiers classes
• New ways possible
• New challenges
• Official remake
• In German

The history of Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60:

The first game of the Wolfenstein: enemy territory 2.60 1992 series published and marked a milestone of in video game history. The new game experience of Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60 makes it possible to deliver to battles in face to face.

Description of the version: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory

In Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60 you will put back in the second world war and have to defeat your opponents either on the side of the Germans or the Allied forces. In the new version, all known bugs have been fixed to not spoil the fun. You have the choice between many classes and weapons with which, depending on the game situation new tactics concoct from let.

Wolfenstein: Enemy territory 2.60 at a glance

• Many classes, which can be influenced gameplay
• Various weapons and other items
• Fix all known bugs and errors high fun
• Enhanced graphics for a relistisches feeling

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