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WISO my Association professional association software relieves the Board of Directors in its tasks.



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WISO Mein Verein

You are active in the Board of management of a club or clothe another function? Then you sure noticed that the manifold tasks of the organisation claim a lot of time. The software WISO my club means a good solution, since she mainly repetitive tasks done quickly. The members form the main ingredients; in a Club the member management is therefore the heart of the WISO programme my club. It is very clearly arranged, so you can either enter the Member data or import from an Excel spreadsheet, for example. In the master data, the contribution rates be defined so that it is possible to send individual invoices or stack.

With WISO my club, it's easy to send receipts, membership cards, invitations or newsletters to the members. With a push of a button, you send via email invitations or protocols to all members. Also, my club WISO contains appropriate forms, you can with the logo of your club and as a mail send by post. The program doesn't forget anything, also no anniversary, so that you can perfectly prepare these honors. Other important components of WISO my Club are the modules of the task and scheduling, with whose help the individual tasks are distributed and sent to the members. An inventory allows us to be always up to date. Also, my club possible depreciation calculated WISO. Creating an online account significantly simplifies the Organization of work of the Association. Thus, authorization - or direct debit orders are performed automatically so that you can retrieve also the cash at any time and updated daily.

You can download the software of WISO my club for 30 days as a free trial.

WISO my club - more features:

• Post resources with flexible sets of contribution per Member
• Cash book with a revenue-expenditure-booking
• Writing free accounts
• Managing bank accounts via HBCI/FinTS with PIN/TAN or chip card
• Interface to - Germany's largest Vereinscommunity
• extensive 320-seitiges color manual with many detailed explanations

System requirements for WISO my club

WISO my club runs on Windows Vista and XP systems. The graphics card should have a resolution of 1024 x 768, the processor include 1.0 GHz. The memory requires 512 megabyte space, the hard disk 200 megabytes. WISO my Club is available as a CD. Here you can download a fully functional test file, you unlock can leave after 30 days. WISO my Club file unpacks itself, then start the installation with the appropriate instructions.

Description of the version: WISO Mein Verein

WISO my Club is a software that helps you to organize your own club. With this software, you can schedule tasks within the Association as well as assign and organize general meetings and other important dates. In addition, the software includes a variety of commonly used pattern letters and forms for the workload. You want to create a Fund report offers Wiso my club a great overview of your current spending and revenue.

Organization and planning within the Association

• 30 Days trial free download
• The trial version file size: 45 MB
• Full version costs purchased
• helps in optimal organization of the Association

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