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The WirelessNetView you can find with Active Wi-Fi networks without effort in your vicinity.



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The freeware WirelessNetView allows you to find wireless networks in your vicinity. To determine also useful data such as the average signal strength, authentication or SSDI number for you.

With the software WirelessNetView you know within seconds whether a Wi-Fi network in your area is active. You must not even install the tool to do so. NirSoft is the author of the program, and the software is free of charge. WirelessNetView is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, and must be installed before you can use them.

Usually the notebook establishes the connection to wireless networks automatically, but sometimes the search is also tedious and cumbersome. This is because Windows XP does not include large Wi-Fi support, and you have to make sometimes quite complex configurations with a change of scenery. It goes easier with Vista and Windows 7, but they are less common, and it can be very useful to see all available Wi-Fi networks nearby. These can be now easily identify with the freeware WirelessNetView. She takes little system resources and immediately displays on the user interface you, if it finds an active network. The program lists also the average signal strength, SSID number, and authentication. Depending on the request, you may have other values such as the MAC address, connection speed, or the channel to present you if you change the settings to match. Prerequisite is of course that you have connected to a Wi-Fi adapter to your PC.

Provider, you can also get a list that allows you to decrypt the manufacturer of the respective Wi-Fi router. You need to download only the file "oui.txt" of the page and copy the directory of the program.

Description of the version: WirelessNetView

The current version of the freeware WirelessNetView lets you easily and discover fast wireless networks in your vicinity. It also displays the authentication, the average signal strength and the SSID number. The program uses little system resources. If you change the settings, you can represent you to other values such as the connection speed, the MAC address or the channel. Using a list of provider you can also learn who is the manufacturer of the wireless router.

The main features of the current version

• Fast discovering of Active Wi-Fi networks
• Display the signal strength, the SSDI number and he authentication
• on request also display additional data
• Display of the manufacturer of the wireless router

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