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The freeware WirelessKeyView finds forgotten Wi-Fi passwords in the jungle.



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If you need to remember many passwords, you can support you from the freeware WirelessKeyView: This reads the passwords for your Wi-Fi networks you in the blink of an eye, if you forget it.

The mini tool WirelessKeyView helps you to retrieve forgotten Wi-Fi passwords. The author is NirSoft, and its program includes 52.3 kilobytes. The software is written in English and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The program is portable and must not be installed, which saves time and labor.

A password is forgotten - because the amount of passwords you have to remember, is getting bigger. For safety reasons want to but many choose not same passwords or similar, derived that from the other. If you've forgotten your W-LAN password, you can reset the router more and re-enter all data. This is very cumbersome and requires sometimes hours. With WirelessKeyView is much easier: you need only the laptop or the PC and the software and can find the password again in no time. This is stored in the Windows registry. The freeware is simple to use. Also a version for 64-bit machines can be downloaded on the website of the manufacturer. If you have found the key, you can save it as a text or HTML file. The search program can be removed after simply. To do this, you have to delete only the folder.

WirelessKeyView is intended as a tool of course only on private machines. If you use the software to enter a foreign network, is guilty of an offence. For private use, it is completely unproblematic. The freeware sends no data to the Internet.

Description of the version: WirelessKeyView

The current version of WirelessKeyView allows quickly and easily your Wi-Fi passwords find you again, if you've forgotten it. You need nothing more than your notebook and the program. The software is free and portable – so don't even install it. The passwords are stored in the Windows registry, and if you found them again, you can save it as a text or HTML file. Then, the freeware easily can be removed again from your computer.

WirelessKeyView: The main features of the current version

• Quick search for forgotten Wi-Fi Schlüsselm
• Storage of passwords as HTML or text file
• Portable version of the application without installation
• Simple delete of the freeware from PC

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