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WipeFile eliminates unneeded files quickly and above all permanently.



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If you want to delete a file Finally, simply move to the trash is not enough. So only the link to the file is not removed, the information itself? The free tool WipeFile, however, eliminated all traces.

You should always permanently delete especially sensitive data from your hard drive as soon as you no longer need it on your computer. The same applies to other storage devices such as external hard drives, memory cards and USB sticks. It is also particularly important, if you want to sell the unit or just the hard drive. Also you lean forward so the theft of personal data such as your Onlinebankings. This, many computer users think that it is sufficient to click on the "Delete" and then empty the Recycle Bin on your computer. But files away on this type are easily recoverable with special programmes for this purpose.

WipeFile is a very effective, but are still sleek with only 417 kilobytes program that prevents that. Because before WipeFile deletes the file, the record will be overwritten several times. WipeFile runs on all operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows 7 and is easy to operate thanks to German interface. This installation is not even necessary - just the unpacking and running the .exe file.

You can choose from eleven different methods of deletion. They differ in how safe the data should need to be removed, so how often the record will be overwritten. Then, WipeFile multiple overrides the selected files, so that a recovery is no longer possible. All non-selected files on the drive are absolutely unaffected. You want to delete the entire drive, however, you can access application WipeDisk.

Description of the version: WipeFile

The most important feature of the current WipeFile version is its efficient and at the same time fast functioning. Now, you can choose from all eleven different methods for pore cleaning of the disk. As a result, files and directories can be removed permanently and been irretrievably. In addition, this version of WipeFile is particularly small. It can be as simple and above all quickly downloaded and executed directly. It is thus more required no separate installation of the software.

The main features of the current WipeFile version 2.1.1

• Ultra-compact size of 417KB
• No installation required
• Faster start and work speed
• Efficient work procedure
• Multiple overwrite of the records
• Choice of 11 different methods

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