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WipeDisk ensures a fast and reliable deletion of entire hard drives.



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The tool WipeDisk not only clears your hard disk, it overrides the old files so that they never can - are not reconstructed also with professional recovery software.

If you really want to shred your hard disk, then you need a program like WipeDisk. The Recycle Bin on the desktop is suitable only for the superficial data destruction - stored files can be restored without further ADO. This is true even if you regularly draining the Trash: data recovery tools the files without much effort can be reconstructed, because when you delete only the disk space occupied is released – the data are still as long as, until they are overwritten. WipeDisk is exactly here: your hard drive is not only deleted via this software, but then overridden - to restore the deleted files even for professionals is no longer possible.

WipeDisk provides several deletion methods for selecting a used part of institutions such as the Department of Defense, NATO, and various other military facilities a proof that they work as they should. With a mouse click, you can induce WipeDisk, to clean up selected disk--fully supports both physical and logical drives.

The program is a useful helper, if you want to sell, for example, an old hard disk. Sensitive data on the hard drive was stored, so a resale can have serious consequences, if these were not thoroughly removed. With the reliable methods of deletion of WipeDisk, you can be sure that the buyer has no way to reconstruct the destroyed files.

Description of the version: WipeDisk

WipeDisk in the version 1.1.1 is, in addition to some new language files (Farsi, Czech, Turkish, simplified Chinese) contains more new features: were successfully overwrite the deleted files, a separate notice issued now, also made some minor changes to the user interface of the software. In the professional version, command line parameters have been added to to quick delete and suppress note messages.

WipeDisk 1.1.1 contains these innovations

• New languages: Farsi, Czech, Vietnamese, Chinese
• Note message after successful overwriting of files
• Minor changes to the user interface
• Advanced Befehslzeilenparameter in the professional version

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