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The program WinZip is easy to use and ideal for the compression of data.



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To the packing and unpacking of files in ZIP format.

With the new version of WinZip, you will receive a file compression program that offers many new features. Faster download of files and save disk space of course also include the program package by WinZip, that there is in single-user and network versions. The WinZip Ribbon makes it easier to select the individual functions. So you can work more productively. The individual tabs make it easy for you to feature selection in WinZip.

With the "Home" tab, you can select individual files in WinZip that define compression level, and save the files to any seat. With the function "Encrypt", WinZip offers you the possibility to provide sensitive data with a password and protect it from unauthorized access. For the faster data transmission, you choose the tab "Attach to E-Mail". It is recommended to ensure optimal speed and the proper display on any standard screen for sending data by WinZip automatically choose the compression level. The "1-click Unzip" bring a more relief. A single click is enough and the archive content is stored in a new folder and opened. With the tab "Open with" you can set WinZip, what application to open your zip file. This is important particularly for presentations and photos. The function "automatically open" is sufficient a double click on the zip file to extract the archive and save. The "zip file preview" is also new in WinZip. It allows you to see the contents of the zip file before extracting. The function is "Back-up" absolutely indispensable and very well managed. Here, you can secure your data and your desktop completely. The wizard helps you in WinZip to set your individual specifications for data backup.

The tabs in WinZip:

• easy edit, and save files from ZIP
• encrypted files with a password
• faster data transmission
• provides access to utilities
• individual data backup
• your own specified applications

The way of the 16-bit version for WinZip

WinZip released the first 16-bit version of a compression utility with version 5.5, which was able to install software and then remove. This feature was removed in later versions. The further development of the programme meant that virtually all compression formats are supported by WinZip. The introduction of the Ribbon, as it offers the current version, has significantly increases user comfort.

Description of the version: WinZip

The WinZip archive utility was still times thoroughly revised in the new version of 14.5 and expanded. A new Ribbon gives you visibility and simplify your work. Also Windows 7 libraries are now supported. You can encrypt sensitive data with a mouse click, you hang on ZIP files directly on your email. The new function "Open with" allows the reading of Office documents from compressed files and stores them on request then again there.

WinZip 14.5 offers you these new features

• New Ribbon for more effective work
• Support for Windows 7 libraries
• File encryption quite simply by mouse click
• Direct creation of email attachments
• Open documents directly from the ZIP file

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