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  • Windows 7.53

WinSweep 7.50 is the default program to surf anonymously and securely on the Internet.



  • License: Shareware
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  • Updated: 24.02.2011


WinSweep 7.50 is the standard program for safe surfing on the Internet. With the help of WinSweep 7.50 you can move largely carefree on the Word Wide Web, without compromising the security of your data. Surf absolutely anonymously and thus protect you from malicious attacks of stranger.

WinSweep 7.50 must be configured only once after installation of you according to your wishes, and then it works totally independently. The program free of unwanted garbage, your hard disk on a regular basis by it own cache files and temporary Flash Player deletes files. WinSweep 7.50 regularly cleans up your memory, thereby allowing a faster surfing and work friends. WinSweep 7.50 reliably removes your all surfing traces, such as Google toolbar entries, list of recently opened or loaded files, or the history in Internet Explorer. Even cookies are completely removed a full system check, which guarantees you a completely secure surfing.

WinSweep 7.50 offers always the currently highest safety standard thanks to regular online updates. Virus list will be constantly updated to protect you from attacks from the Internet. WinSweep 7.50 you can encrypt easy external mass storage devices and removable drives such as USB sticks. On request WinSweep 7.50 stores your all access data and important identifiers. With the auto-login feature you can login then automatically securely without separate password, which provides reliable protection against keyloggers.

All the benefits of WinSweep 7.50 at a glance:

• Anonymous surfing
• automatic cleanup of the memory
• Supports Firefox
• Blocking of Flash animations
• Password protection
• Daily updates

WinSweep 7.50 offers comprehensive security

WinSweep 7.50 is the currently latest version of safety program published in 2004 for the first time. The goal of manufacturers in the development was to create a program that allows absolutely anonymous and secure surfing. That they succeeded with WinSweep. Over the years, the program was continuously improved and extended in its functions. WinSweep 7.50 was launched end of 2009 on the international market, and is suitable both for Windows and Macintosh interfaces. Here in the download portal you can download program a free shareware demo, which you can then later purchased by registering.

Description of the version: WinSweep

With WinSweep 7: 52 pm you can surf through the Internet as with the predecessor now even safer. With the revised version, it is even possible to overwrite old data the Gutmann method, so that it can be reconstructed after absolutely no longer. In the new version you can anonymously via a secure WinSweep elite proxy server in the Internet, in addition the program has a simple, clear and intuitive interface.

The most important innovations in WinSweep 7: 52 pm

• Delete recording data of the Flash Player
• Provides safe surfing through the WinSweep elite proxy server
• Supports the new Windows 7
• Empties the P3P history
• Blocks spyware/viruses via the browser
• To clean up memory

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