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WinSplit brings order to the chaos of the monitor, and that as easy as possible revolution.



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WinSplit Revolution

WinSplit revolution is a small free tool with great practical benefit: it allows you to split your screen you individually can - complete with Windows and rearrange at will for those who have still no Windows 7, but were always jealous of the installed there by default function into sections.

With WinSplit revolution now your window as in Windows 7, order, and you can that without having to change the whole operating system right. With the small program you choose the location and size of the application window and make yourself again to do more meaningful things on the computer, air, as programs to change or Herum push - and the absolutely free!

Especially with large monitors or multi-monitoring systems - jobs with two or more screens - WinSplit becomes revolution almost a duty. Before you know it, the program evolved into one of the most useful tools that you use in the Office or at home. With a small icon in the system tray the program reflected gratitude - an icon that you no longer want to miss after the installation.

WinSplit revolution is suitable especially for people who constantly have problems of space on the screen and want to help this condition. For example, programmers or graphic artists, who often must have to do with several overlapping Windows and switch from one program to the next, WinSplit revolution is the optimal tool to facilitate the work. But also for private computer, to become the chaos Lord, the program offered. What for the Apple operating systems for years to everyday life belongs and at Microsoft since Windows 7 to the habit has become is now also available for older systems such as Windows 2000, XP or Windows Vista. The program is available as a slim 1.6 megabytes large installation file and creates not only space on the own monitors, but saves also space on the hard disk.

Description of the version: WinSplit Revolution

The version 11.03 of WinSplit revolution is filled with various bug fixes and small improvements to the brim. A wide variety of error messages have been fixed now and are not more unexpectedly interfere with the program. In addition, WinSplit revolution now available in Russian language is available. The problem with the screenshot folder in Windows 7 and Vista has been cleaned up and the failure of the automatic update process. Well, there's also no "invisible" monitors more, which have been recognized in earlier versions and have disrupted the positioning.

This gives you the version 11.03 of WinSplit revolution:

• Various bug fixes and bug fixes
• A Russian user interface has been added
• Problem with the "invisible" monitors fixed
• Fixed an issue with the screenshot folder

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