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With WinSCP, less savvy computer users can set up secure SSH connections.



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The secure upload designed the practical tool WinSCP to your computer as easy as never before. You now have the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages of SSH's security standards.

If you work productively with the Internet and want to exchange sensitive data with corporate servers, for example, you're certainly high value that the connections are protected. Allows with the tool WinSCP you such secure connections to make, so you you during the transfer of data, the download and upload, be sure can, that third parties can gain no access to it. In this way, WinSCP helps your documents to the security, and functionality, where you easily can gain access thanks to a clear and easy-to-use user interface even for a layman. WinSCP can be very rewarding for all of these reasons applies to you.

WinSCP uses when establishing a secure transmission channel on the secure copy default via SSH connection. This made the transfer of data in an encrypted form, so that the data even in the event of a successful theft are not re-usable. This tool can be used with all servers, support the SSH. If you know such servers and need to work with these, the software provides you with a good opportunity to take advantage of this widespread security standard finally.

The developers of WinSCP
The security tool WinSCP for file uploads will be provided you as a free download from the developer Martin Prikryl. The latter has made an important contribution to the community with this innovation in the software sector and has can inspire with WinSCP many users already.

Description of the version: WinSCP

The new version 4.3.2 WinSCP is more powerful than ever and makes it even easier to build secure SSH connections for data transfer on the Internet. One of the most practical new features is that you can now drag files directly from the compression program WinRAR in the WinSCP and upload so. Also, the hotkeys have been simplified now where you can compare the contents of two folders. Even faster, you can see whether files on the server must be updated.

The main new features of WinSCP

• Simplification of the hotkeys to the contents of two folders with each other can compare with
• Drag -and-drop functionality of programs such as WinRAR
• Update of the kernel

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