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With Winrecorder, you can record all activity on the screen, and play.



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In addition to the recording of all activities on your desktop in real time, you can automatically run off repetitive steps. Also, bugs can be tracked and logged actions. Even simple video tutorials can be customized with Winrecorder.

AVI video and real-time stream differentiate at Winrecorder between recording modes. As a video file Winrecorder records the events on the desktop with AVI video, which specifically detect software errors or simple video tutorials for creating effects. Real stream, however, records all screen, keyboard and mouse events in real time. Recurring actions to Winrecorder so, how with a kind of macro recorder to automate. If necessary, individual stream files to a sequence file can be compressed.

So you Winrecorder offers a surface that is largely self-explanatory. Record AVI videos smoothly. But the pauses between the individual States of the screen are too large. Thus, it gets relatively inaccurate clips as a result with Winrecorder. Testers also complained that the macro recorder called the real stream at the trial ground to a halt came. He built an arbitrary actions, which previously but not were executed and not correctly restored on the other hand recorded sequences.

Special features of Winrecorder

• Consist of recording files
• Real stream
• AVI video
• Real-time recording
• Play without interruption
• Create sequence files

Development of the Winrecorder programme has been discontinued

Meanwhile, the development of the program Winrecorder with the version Winrecorder was discontinued 1.2. You can still download the software over the Internet. The software was developed because it was becoming increasingly important to understand a program error, log actions and automatically repeat recurring work steps. This demand has not declined even today still, which enjoys also Winrecorder of is still very popular. Winrecorder uses several individual recording files (* .rec) to a sequence file (* .seq) together. This sequence file then automatically plays all summarized recording files without interruption, successive. It is not recording the real stream but a video recording, which plays recorded events, but they are executed in real time.

Description of the version: WinRecorder

The new WinRecorder version 1.2 offers helpful features to capture desktop activities and mouse movements and to save. In the current version, there are two basic functions: when recording in AVI video, the program saves the movements as a movie file, stored in the real stream activities as a macro program. So you can save recurring work steps and automatically expire. The current program offers you a simple and clear interface.

The most important innovations of WinRecorder in version 1.2

• Ability to save the desktop activities as AVI
• New, clean and intuitive interface
• Improved program structure, so that liquid run records
• Multiple recording modes are available
• Improved sequence mode

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