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WinRAR offers the ability to compress data to decompress, and much more.



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WinRar Unplugged

Although WinRAR offers numerous features, the program can be very easy to use. A clear menu navigation can be simply cope also some ungeübteren users with the program. The RAR format is one of the formats that are widely used today. WinRAR allows not only to extract the data that you receive as a RAR file or you can download on the Internet, friends, you can encrypt very sure also the archives that you mess with WinRAR, so that it is only possible to see the content. The easy clear interface makes it be very easy to archive data and thereby conserving to proceed. Via the icon "Add", you can create an archive in the RAR or ZIP format which is even unpacked on request. This has the advantage that the receiver itself requires no discharge Pack program to unpack your sent files. Since the diversity of operating systems is large, WinRAR is designed also for the other and important systems. So, for you, it is possible to Exchange data with WinRAR also cross-platform.

If you want to combine a file with WinRAR, you can do either this program surface with the help of very user friendly designed, or you can use your right mouse button. A RAR archive can also be very quickly and easily via the context menu. The Internet offers the possibility, when only an occasional need also unzip to extract the compressed files. But very many advantages when using WinRAR, and countless satisfied users from all areas everywhere speak a distinct language on the world.

You can download WinRAR here. Simply click on the download button to start the download of WinRAR.

More functions

• Compress your files for archiving
• Protect your archive encryption
• Create backups using many of the features
• Allow self-extracting archives create
• Create an archive of the program interface
• WinRAR is available for other operating systems

The WinRAR history

WinRAR is available in the meantime for 15 years on the market. In 2002, the GmbH was founded in Bremen the win.rar by Öncul Kaya and Burak Ralf. On 15 March 2002, it was after intense preparatory work then - also through cooperation with Ron Dwight - so far. WinRAR was sold the first time over the Internet. Today, the program both in the private and the commercial environment is proliferation.

Description of the version: WinRar Unplugged

The latest WinRar version 3.93 fixes some performance bugs from the previous version 3.92. WinRar offers you numerous convenient ways to your files in formats such as. zip and .rar files to format and save to computer capacity. To catalog files and create libraries, is child's play. Large amounts of data can WinRar easily to disk transfer. Of course, the upgrade is free for all registered users.

Important changes and fixes in version 3.93

• The fault by pressing switch combination-y - or
• Indication of the switch failed xd: \pfad\verzeichnis was fixed with this version
• Better total performance over the previous version

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