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WinRAR 3.93 is the most popular archiving software with a wide range of functions.



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WinRAR is the Pack software for RAR files.

Already with a double-click on the corresponding archive WinRAR clear user interface opens. WinRAR's main features can be directly selected by the buttons at the top of the screen. So you may have to unpack the archive quickly and without detours. As well you can first test the archive on error and then fix them. Problems or uncertainties occur, the detailed help function, which you can access by clicking on the corresponding tab in WinRAR helps. If you want it even more convenient, you can easily work the wizard for you. You need to tell only the wizard what to do, and it's done.

Advanced users will certainly have their joy at the functions of the "Options" tab and "Extras". Here, WinRAR offers a wealth of configuration options to adapt the archive to your claims. So WinRAR can save various compression profiles that you can choose depending on the archive. Also a button in the Explorer can appear, so that you can always access by clicking on the program. The error log function is important: the program can store any errors that occur during the archive and extract files, in a separate file. It controls the maximum size of this file. Nowadays, a virus-scanner function, obviously not lacking in WinRAR is essential. How to protect yourself from unwanted viruses and Trojans.

Compression WinRAR archives is typically up to 30% more effective than, for example, for ZIP files. For you, this means that you can save space on your hard drive. Also when opening compressed files, WinRAR is flexible: the most common formats are no compatibility problems unzipped. This works with different operating systems. The appropriate version for your operating system is easy to install and the installation file is downloaded quickly. The best thing about it is that the trial version of WinRAR for 40 days completely free of charge. Only at the end of the period, a purchase of a license is necessary.

The main WinRAR features at a glance:

• Up to 30% more efficient compression than ZIP files
• 40-Days free trial version
• Clear user interface with quick access to the main functions
• Check the archives, repair and scan for viruses
• Support for very long file names
• Archiving and unpack operation can be switched in the background

Interesting facts about WinRAR

The RAR compression algorithm was developed by the Russian Jewgeni Roschal. This allowed free to use the procedures while unpacking the RAR files. Compressing with his algorithm is allowed until today only with the programs developed by him, including WinRAR, however.

Description of the version: WinRar

The latest WinRar version 3.93 fixes some performance bugs from the previous version 3.92. WinRar offers you numerous convenient ways to your files in formats such as. zip and .rar files to format and save to computer capacity. To catalog files and create libraries, is child's play. Large amounts of data can WinRar easily to disk transfer. Of course, the upgrade is free for all registered users.

Important changes and fixes in version 3.93

• The fault by pressing switch combination-y - or
• Indication of the switch failed xd: \pfad\verzeichnis was fixed with this version
• Better total performance over the previous version

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