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WinPatrol 2011 is a very easy-to-before configuring tool to prevent cookies.



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WinPatrol 2011

With WinPatrol 2011 you have a handy tool available that can protect from cookies on your computer. In this way, you schützst your information and not pass on to third parties they.

If you at work or at home are much in the Internet with your computer, you know the problem of cookies, which settle without permission on the system and collect information about the surfing behaviour certainly. With WinPatrol 2011 an easy to use tool at hand is given you, with which you can protect yourself from such intruders. The software automatically as a background process for you, whether cookies to set up in your system try, and will instruct you on. So, you can effectively prevent that Web sites can collect information about you.

So WinPatrol 2011 better can protect you from data collectors, all program processes are observed in addition to the installation by cookies. These programs listed in the task manager can watch WinPatrol 2011 for you and can prevent the start of new processes for you. General system security is increased in this way, because even malicious programs in advance can be made harmless. Your favorite programs remain unaffected by these security mechanisms, since you have the possibility to define lists where the unwanted programs are listed. This is thanks to the intuitive user interface is easy to configure.

The developers of WinPatrol 2011
The security tool-WinPatrol 2011 is available as a free download for you. The software is developed by programmers from BillP studios which 2011 responsible in addition to WinPatrol for some other useful Windows tools.

Description of the version: WinPatrol 2011

The new WinPatrol 2011 version 20.0 now provides an even more effective defense from malicious software and cookies. The new WinPatrol 2011 features improved compatibility with 64-bit operating systems such as Windows 7 64-bit and Vista 64-bit. Also has been significantly increases the information content of the taskbar and improves the monitoring of ongoing processes. The reaction of the software on recurring alarms from similar sources of danger was also optimized.

The most important innovations of the tools WinPatrol 2011 version 20.0

• The software is now fully compatible with 64-bit systems
• Improved response to recurring alarms regarding a source
• Information about running processes nor extensive

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